Debunked: Common Myths About used Forklifts

Good quality used forklifts are a boon for small and medium businesses that run with a restricted budget. The forklift is a vital machine for material handling but can dig deep into your pockets if brought new. Alternatively, you can go for used forklifts for sale at Triwest Forklifts which offer brilliant long-term value and cost nearly half as compared to the new machines.

Apart from budget and business scale, used forklifts are excellent options in many other circumstances. For instance, if your business experience a sudden surge and you need to expand your fleet quickly to cope with the rising demands. 

These are also great options if you want to expand your fleet while keeping the same operators’ productivity as on old machines. A sudden unfortunate need to replace a forklift also presents a perfect scenario for buying a second-hand machine.

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Despite all these incredible benefits, some businesses are apprehensive of buying used forklifts. Many misconceptions lead them to invest only in the new ones. Here we are busting some common myths that are forcing you to make inappropriate decisions and provide clarity on how surmounting them can help boost your business.

Used forklifts come with hidden issues

No one wants to invest in equipment that does not perform more than a year or two. Buying a new one liberates you from such worries as to how the previous owner has cared for it or are there issues that are hidden under the hood.

The key to buying used equipment is to buy it from a reputed dealer who adheres to stringent standards. Such dealers often have an in-house team of well-trained experts to inspect the forklift and the process of its reconditioning. They also provide a warranty or certification that affirms the quality of the machine you pick.

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They refuse you warranty benefits

That’s a myth!! Reputed and seasoned dealers provide warranties with decent periods for every equipment they sell. A seller not offering such assurances is a massive red flag and an indication of immediate retreat.

With a little research, online or otherwise, you can easily find a seller who offers multiple service contracts and warranty options to choose from. They allow you to pick on according to your budget.

Used machines offer poor customer support

One bad experience cannot be generalized. If you have come across some dealers who provide poor after-sale customer services for used machines, it does not mean all second-hand dealers do that.

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Reputed dealers offer rapid repair and problem-solving services. They are often one-point solutions for all parts and engineering needs. You can also coordinate with them for regular detailed inspection and maintenance that ensures good performance and an elongated life of the machine.

A test drive is enough to assess machine’s productivity

This myth is a bit different from those mentioned above. While previous myths are for apprehensive and over-conscious businesses, this one is dedicated to extremely easy-going entrepreneurs.

They rely on the seller’s statements a little too much and invest in a forklift with a superficial inspection, sometimes restricted to a test drive. However, such reliance can burn your business significantly. 

It is always advisable to go for a detailed inspection from experienced professionals to ensure, you are buying the best forklift for your business.

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