Moving Across The Country: 6 Packing Tips You Need To Know

Packing your life into boxes and moving across the country isn’t easy. There are a lot of decisions that you should consider first. As such, we’ve got the best hints and packing tips you can use to your advantage. When looking at national moving companies, you should consider our list below. You’ll avoid moving mistakes as a result. 

1. Pre-Plan Your Move 

Pre-planning your move is vital to ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. Inevitably, you will find that there are issues, but having a set checklist can ensure that this process is as straightforward as possible. Place particular focus on packing the truck effectively and ensuring that the items are not damaged or in the wrong spot. Your list should have everything you need to have ready and all the essential items listed in order of importance. In addition, you’ll be more inclined to remember everything instead of forgetting things. 

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2. Start Purging

Packing up everything is incredibly daunting, and in all honesty, it can be highly annoying and frustrating. As a result, you need to make cleaning a priority and do a massive purge. It will make things far easier for you and the family. For instance, go through your room and look at your clothes. Disco pants from Halloween? You probably don’t need them. That dress that you wore one time five years ago? Probably not a big keeper either. Getting rid of things you know you don’t need will not only let you get rid of items you’d have to pack but also save time and effort. 

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3. National Moving Companies Will Let You Keep Essentials With You

National moving companies will direct you to make the proper decisions on what you need to keep with you. The night before the big move, go through your list and ensure that you have a change of clothes, emergency items, and things of that nature. 

4. Get A Truck With A Ramp

National moving companies will also recommend getting a truck with a loading ramp. It makes things far more manageable, and you’ll find that moving furniture won’t hurt your muscles much.

5. Never Forget To Set Up The Utilities

This is a common mistake among first-time movers, but it happens to veterans too. Once the date has been finalized, you need to schedule service at the new home. One tip that is vital to remember is that depending on where you are moving to, it will cost an additional two hundred dollars or more for them to do this. 

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6. Never Put Your Lighter Items On Bottom

This is another common mistake. Never put your lighter items on the bottom of the boxes. They will break. In addition, you should pack your heaviest boxes toward the front of the truck for balance. 

Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Moving doesn’t have to be overly complicated; with our tips, it won’t be. Embrace the hints we’ve given you above, and you’ll find that moving has never been easier, and you’re ready for your fresh start.

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