Silent But Ready- Why Choose Electric Over Gas Outboard Motor

Boats are used for livelihood or competition like fishing or hunting. Boating can also be done as a hobby or recreational activity. For some, owning a boat is a serious business. When you get a boat, you will need the right motor to serve your needs. Years ago, you only had to choose between gas-powered brands. 

Recently, a new player has come into the picture to compete for your hard-earned cash. Electric outboard motors are now on the market. They may be new, but they are here. And they are here to stay. The main question for you is: Why choose an electric outboard vs a gas boat engine?

Acquisition cost

The price is the first thing buyers look at when choosing between electric outboard motors and gas boat engines. Admittedly, electric outboard motors are still more expensive than gas boat engines. One reason is that they are still not that common in the market. But the good news is that electric motors are starting to be noticed and gaining popularity. 

Once demand reaches a higher level and economies of scale come into play for electric motors, you can expect acquisition costs to get significantly cheaper. 

However, even though the acquisition cost for electric outboard motors is higher than for gas boat engines, studies have shown that, in the long run, you will actually be saving more money with the electric one. This is primarily due to the next category which is…

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Periodic maintenance 

Gas boat engines are very similar to automobile engines. They both run on gasoline and need lubrication to reduce friction from the internal moving parts, such as the pistons. You will need to change the oil for gas motors according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. You will have to dispose of this oil properly to avoid polluting the environment. 

And since gas boat engines have fluids like oil and gasoline, they require rubber seals and gaskets. Once these seals and gaskets fail, the fluids start to leak, contributing to water pollution, not to mention the cost of repairing and replacing these parts.

On the other hand, electric outboard motors are absolutely maintenance-free, so you do not have to worry about spending money on gas running to your nearest supply store to buy engine oil and spark plugs. Being maintenance-free, you do not have to worry about getting your hands dirty if you choose an electric motor. You will also save so much time and effort by eliminating electric outboard motor maintenance.

Noise production and emissions

We all know that a gas boat engine produces noise once you start it up. The noise only gets louder when you power up your engine for acceleration. 

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The advantage of electric outboard motors is that they are quite silent. You only hear the water running behind your boat as you move forward. If you plan to go fishing or hunting, this is quite useful since there is no noise to scare the animals away. It also helps you relax and hear more about the environment. 

Aside from noise pollution, gas boat engines, no matter how efficient they have become, still produce exhaust gasses contributing to air pollution. Meanwhile, electric outboard motors are free from emissions. An electric outboard motor is a clear choice if you care enough for the environment.


When gas boat engines are concerned, once you run out of fuel, there are no other means to power up your engine. Your best and only solution to be able to go the further distance is to bring extra fuel with you, which adds weight and takes up space in your boat. 

You may think that electric outboard motors achieve low mileage, and you would be wrong. Electric outboards, in actuality, achieve great travel distance with a single charge, so you have confidence to reach your destination and return with the power to spare. Conversely, electric outboard motors run on electricity via a battery. 

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Some electric outboard motors have innovations that allow your battery to be recharged by collecting electricity from wind and water. Some electric outboard motor manufacturers also offer solar rechargeability. You will have to choose a brand with this function for this feature.

Aftermarket support

Gas outboard motors have been around for more than a century. As a result, parts and services are abundantly available for this motor. 

Electric outboard motors are fairly new, and it is safe to say that it is still in their growth stage. But do not let this turn you away from buying one. Electric outboard motors are now available around the globe, and thanks to the internet, finding a dealer nearest you is a breeze. There are also online social network communities dedicated solely to electric outboard motor owners to get to know each other and share information about their beloved electric outboard.


Go electric. You will surely benefit from owning an electric outboard motor with all its advantages. If you are a first-time buyer of a boat engine, make your first motor an electric outboard motor. If you’re someone looking to replace your gas-powered motor, you should make the right choice and go clean.

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