How to Convert Dogecoin to Bitcoin?

Are you checking how to convert Dogecoin to Bitcoin? The number of options is huge, and you need to choose the best one. So, you can choose among different exchanges:

  • Traditional exchanges: they have their own liquidity pools, usually, they offer the service of a wallet. 
  • Instant exchanges: these exchanges check the offers on traditional exchanges and pick the best options for their users. Compared to traditional services, instant exchanges offer their customers a number of benefits.

You can convert DOGE to Bitcoin on any platform. Just make sure that the conditions are suitable. But if you don`t want to waste your valuable time for comparing offers, reading reviews, and similar, we suggest swapping your coins on LetsExchange.

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Exchange Process Is Easy

We will speak about the benefits the platform offers a little bit later. Now, let us have a look at the exchange process. You don`t have to possess special knowledge about how to swap coins if you use the LetsExchange service. You can swap any coin within 5 simple steps:

  • In the upper dropdown, provide the coin type to sell;
  • Indicate the sum;
  • Choose the coin to buy; 
  • Make a deposit;
  • Provide the receiving wallet address.

Now, a special tool will check the available exchanges for the most convenient deals. Once the best deal is found, the tool will place an order for you, and the funds will be swapped. The purchased coins will be instantly credited to your wallet. 

Now, if you want, you can download the receipt with all the details of the transaction. That`s it, the swap is done. Now, you can repeat the same and exchange ETH to BTC, for example. 

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Benefits Are Numerous

LetsExchange offers not only extremely easy swaps. It is known for being very beneficial in all regards. So, when you use the platform, you can count on:

  • The best rates: they are carefully selected by a special tool called SmartRate.
  • Fast transaction: the platform pulls liquidity from the major players in the cryptocurrency market. So, you don`t have any delays because there is no liquidity. The only time needed to complete a transaction is the time required to register a transaction in the blockchain.
  • Attentive customer support: the guys there are not just hanging around. They solve any issues you might face.
  • Non-custodial services: you are the only one who manages and owns your funds. The platform doesn`t store a single coin from its customers. 
  • Validated coins: all the coins are validated to ensure the success of every transaction.
  • Anonymity: no registration is needed, no personal information is provided. Just indicate your wallet address to send and receive money, and your email address if you need a receipt. 
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Bottom Line

So, if you want a fast swap with the best rates, and wasting time on looking for an optimal place to do it is not an option, choose LetsExchange. The only drawback there is that the service doesn`t offer a wallet, you need to have your own wallet to swap coins. And the benefits you know. 

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