Beautiful Medium Length Haircuts

Most people confuse medium length haircuts for short haircuts but the ideas behind these two are very different. Medium length haircut can go well with various face shapes and different hair textures. You can have fun experimenting with different designs every time you visit your hairdresser throughout the year.

If you have decided to get your hair a little shorter there are so many haircut options you can choose from. The following are some ideas on medium length haircuts that you can try in 2022.

Polished lob

It is a lob that comes with a messy texture and at the same time, it gives a polished structure. This haircut features blunt, thick haircut lines rather than having a piece shattered texture.

The polished lob can be applied for different lengths. The haircut goes well with all outfits in your closet and can be worn for official and casual occasions.

Wavy curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are increasingly becoming trendy, and the main reason behind this is that they look good with all hair textures. 

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The most important thing when getting a medium length haircut is making sure the shape is right. 

This haircut design is achieved by keeping the middle shorter than the edges. The ends should be soft beginning from the pupil’s center and going down to the jawline.

Full curls

If your hair is naturally curly, this is the best option. This haircut makes your curls shiny and very outstanding. If your hair is straight, don’t feel left out; you can also get this look by using a curling iron.

You can make the final look more appealing by popping the hair texture, which is achieved by blending a shoulder-skimming cut with outstanding bangs and additional bold highlights.

The haircut will blend with everything in your wardrobe, and you can wear it for casual occasions mostly; however, in some cases is suitable for official occasions too

Blunt bangs

Blunt does not mean that the bangs should be stiff. The stylist can do this design of medium length haircut by making the cut straight along the bangs and featuring a little movement and feathering. For a perfect finish, you can use a small amount of salt spray to add appeal to the look.

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A Senegalese twist lob

If the Senegalese twist is your signature look or your favorite hairstyle, don’t feel left out on medium length haircuts. You can cut your Senegalese twists at a medium length and have fun exploring the design.

The finals look consists of a mix of twists and curls, which makes the style stunning and gives a sophisticated vibe.

A curly shag

This idea features medium length shaggy curls. It is suitable for soft textured hair and requires very little maintenance. This is because the idea is that the final look should be shaggy. The only hair product necessary for this haircut is something that will keep the hair soft in texture.

Depending on the volume of hair you prefer for your curly shag, you can choose either to use a diffuse or an air-dry for purposes of drying the hair.

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Blunt bangs and bob

There is nothing as appealing as a blend of both blunt bangs and blunt bob for a hairstyle. This idea is created by cutting the hair straight along the bangs and repeating the same for the bob around the head.

When coming up with this haircut, you can achieve a lob; however, the lob cannot stay straight. To get a little lived-in look, you should consider avoiding the hair dryer. 

It is among the classy and trending medium length haircuts that are suitable for all occasions and should be worn at a maximum of shoulder length.

Baby braids

The braiding does not take all the hair but just a slight portion where two braids are put at the front and designed to fall on each side of the forehead. The length of the hair is almost long as only the hair tips are trimmed.

This is the best idea if you fear getting a lot of your hair cut and can be changed to other medium length haircuts anytime you are ready.

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