Healthy snack option to try in your pregnancy


Cravings for food are a normal scenario in pregnancy, maybe while watching a movie at home or reading a book we all feel munching on something. In pregnancy, the chances of this go up as the food is also required by the baby. Mostly following healthy habits and the doctor’s advice will ensure you there are no complications. Even if there are, maternal-fetal medicine specialist are the people you might want to consult. Other than that, let’s look at some healthy snack options while being pregnant-

Healthy Snack Option

Powered dried fruit with grated coconut

Having something sweet to eat always pleases our tongue and body. But keeping in mind your health, it must be equally healthy to nourish your baby. One such great option is dried fruits. They have high amounts of nutrients which can help you and your body in great ways. Grated coconut can act as a great base for these powered dried fruits. Making small balls will keep you clean from the mess and you can eat just directly. Also, look online and you can modify the recipe according to your likings.

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Avocado salad with tortilla chips

Rich with good cholesterol and vitamin b this will ensure your pregnancy is through with no complications. Avocados are a great fruit to have with your tortilla chips. Being present with fibre will help in your digestion and removing unwanted stuff from the body. Keeping a clean digestive system will help with your body and the nutrients passed to the bay will be healthy and safe. Therefore, you must not opt for outside food that can harm your health. In this, try spicing things up with the salad and add some of your favourite ingredients that can go with it.

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Whole grain waffle and peanut

If you feel like eating something sweet yet it being a healthy option, then this can be for you. While pregnancy, your baby may want to take up food much faster compared to usual. This is because of the baby and is normal. Natural peanut butter and waffle and take your place in pregnancy snack’s list. These are whole grain waffles and therefore will ensure that no harmful ingredients are consumed. Moreover, they will help with your blood flow and you might be good after eating it.

Yoghurt options

Your baby needs calcium for strong bones and muscles. Not all dairy products might be suitable according to different people and their health qualities. But you can eat some yoghurt with your favourite fruits. Not all taste good with yoghurt therefore you must consult before having. But in general, dried fruits are a good option as they are neutral in taste and enhance the quality of anything they are put in. With the addition of some more basic ingredients, you can create a nice pack of low-fat dairy consumption options for you within minutes. Research more on this and we are sure you fill great recipes with your exact suiting of style and taste online. Don’t forget to check with your nutritionists as they can also have some great options for you as well. 

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