10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools

In previous times, individuals were relying on the mobile data packages and broadband to get connected with internet. With the arrival of the Internet of Things in our daily basis practice, Wi-Fi usage has continuously increased. At this time, almost every single house contains approx. four to five devices which are requiring internet on account to work efficiently. Now houses are turning out to be more connected digitally along with heavy consumption of smart Television, smart alarms, laptops, and mobile phones and many more. There are three features which are associated with the WiFi are also moving towards the upcoming level with the entire different advancements:

  • WiFi protocols: It is a very common fact which we all know that the usage of the W-E-P has run down because of its security flaws.
  • Hardware tech: Both of the endpoints which are using the WiFi along with its router are now turn out to be more advanced.
  • Wireless-attacks: Public place WiFi, free of cost WiFi as well as personal hotspots, all these increasingly grow the wireless community so that attackers have access to the target.

As soon as we start going through the wireless cyber hacking, here we clear some of the important things: Hacking or attacking the unlicensed wireless system is not legal. This article is not intended to motivate the usage of the tools just for any criminal activity. The emphases of such tools are mainly on the usage of the learning purpose and keep trying on your networks or devices. Things aren’t going in a straight way; wireless-hacking isn’t that much easy as it was demonstrated in any hacking movies.

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What Is Wireless Hacking?

There is an increase in the usage of WiFi which automatically increases the wireless attacks. Any of the attack on the system of wireless networks or else attack access points that deliver extensive info is discussed as like wireless hacking. That type of info would be in the category of the passwords of WiFi, admin-portal-access, verification attacks and many more. If you want to comprehend the wireless hacking, then the most important thing which you have to know is the protocols that are involving in the wireless-networks. Additionally, cybersecurity certifications also assist individuals to deal with them. Most of the time, attacks are being made on inner phases of the protocol stack.

Wireless Hacking Tools

Cain and Abel

Cain & Abel considered as the topmost renowned tools which are utilized for the cracking of password. This tool can sniff the network, crash the encrypted passcodes by make use of numerous tactics of password cracking and also perform crypt-analysis attacks. It would also find out the wireless keys by examining wireless procedures.


CoWPAtty owns the W-P-A in the upper case whereas rest is available in the small letters. It’s a tool that is based on Linux which would act out the attacks in previously shared keys for the network of W-P-A. This tool encompasses command-line interface, and it is enough capable to act out vocabulary attacks on those networks which are wireless and use the file of wordlist. The implementation is quite slow as the use of the S-H-A 1 along with the seed of S-S-I-D; however, still, you should give them a chance.


Omni-Peek considered as the packet sniffer along with the tool that analyzes the protocol. It is technologically advanced by the organization of Savvis and only accessible for the platform of Windows. This tool encompasses so many things to provide but it can be only achieved if you own the detailed knowledge regarding the protocols. The captured-packets would be kept in the database of S-Q-L that would be examined and interpreted if there is a requirement. Omni-Peek’s features would be further modernized by make use of A-P-I plugins.

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It is mentioning in the name that tool is enough capable to take over the air such as wireless. This tool is capable to get and insert raw-packets in a wireless system. It would be utilized by designers to squeeze the packets and get injected it on account to generate the resolution or else employing wireless cyber hackers. Wireless cyber hacker has access to refuse the attacks of services by overflowing the network along with muddy inserted packets.


Kismet considered as a free of cost software that is transcribed in the language of C++ which can be further utilized to sniff the ARP, D-H-C-P, and UDP and T-C-P packets. It’s a passive tool which won’t keep interacted with the system. It is own the capability to identify unseen networks, and it’s utilized in the wardriving type of activity. Such captured-packets would be transferred to Wire-Shark, and then they would be examined further if there is any need. Kismet is accessible for the Windows, Linux as well as for some of the different platforms.


Air-Snort is free of cost software that hacks the WiFi and also captures packets as well as trying to decrypting keys. It can be observed in the unrestrained mode then records maximum packets to decrypt the keys consistently. It’s the simplest tool that supports Linux and Windows both of the platforms.


Air-crack-ng considering as the topmost renowned sets of tools which would be utilized to observe, test, attack and keep cracking the WiFi system. It’s well-suited with the OS X, Linux, Windows and its command-line tool. Air-crack-ng would be further utilized to attack and crack WEP and W-P-A. The attachment mechanism is quite simple. This tool observes and gathers packets, as soon as maximum packets captured then it attempts to recovering password.

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S-S-I-D declared in the capital letters, and as suggested by the name it’s a wire-less scanning tool that is supporting OS X and Windows both of them. This tool was accessible like the software which is open-source but it’s not available now. It is enough capable to gather the info from the wireless cards that assist a person to select the best obtainable network along with full strength.


The usage of Wep-Attack would be achieved to keep cracking the 802.11 W-E-P Keys utilizing an approach that is based on a dictionary. This tool would be captured the dump files of the system which are getting from the libp cap and p-cap. This tool is open-source – which is supporting the platform of Linux.


This tool utilizes the brute force tactics beside WiFi secure setup registrar passwords to obtain W-P-A or W-P-A2 passphrases. Response time seems to be the great thing about this tool. If a person is utilizing kali then this tool is best suited to them.


Numerous hacking tools are wireless and easily accessible in the market; in this blog, we have discussed a few of them. Such tools would be utilized to monitor the system of a network or crack keys to get access. You might require several tools on account to obtain the maximum result as not any single tool would meet your all requirements.

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