Work injury in Cedar Rapids: Can you trust the work comp adjuster?

You were injured at work in Cedar Rapids and have filed a workers’ compensation claim. While your employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance, the benefits are paid by the insurance company. As the injured worker and now the claimant, you would be working directly with the work comp adjuster, who works for the insurer. The work comp adjuster is paid by the insurance company. Because they are not on your side, you may want to lawyer up when dealing with workers’ comp in Cedar Rapids. The question here is whether you can trust the claims adjuster.

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The adjuster will not share everything

The insurance carrier has the right to investigate and find more details before they pay the benefits. However, this should be done within a reasonable time, and it often happens that injured workers are extremely frustrated because there are incessant delays in the process. The adjusters often use the excuse that the claim is still being investigated, and as a result, the injured workers don’t get the benefits immediately. If your claim is being delayed for no explainable reason, you should consider talking to a workers’ compensation attorney to know if you can do something.

Understanding workers’ compensation rates

If you are out of work because of a work injury, you should get weekly compensation, which is also known as temporary disability benefits. The rate of your temporary disability compensation depends on your weekly wages. The calculation could be more complicated than you think. If you need help understanding how the claims adjuster is calculating the rate or when there are evident inaccuracies, you need to talk to your lawyer for further investigation.

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Choosing a doctor

The workers’ compensation carrier has the right to ask you to see the medical provider of their choice for a given work injury. However, there are exceptions, and you should get reasonable care. For instance, you cannot be asked to drive for four hours to see a doctor. Also, if you are unhappy with the medical care that you are getting right now, you should talk to your lawyer, who can help you file a “Petition for Alternate Medical Care”.

The claims adjuster is not here to pay your benefits. They care for the company’s profits, and it is never bad to consult an attorney for advice. Most lawyers would be happy to review your case without charging a hefty fee, which is a great advantage.

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