Procedures Every School Or College Must Have To Avoid Title IX Violation

Every school is accountable for responding promptly and strictly to any sexual discrimination or harassment activity under Title IX. The school must ensure that its educational institute is a safe environment for every student, irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual preferences. Under Title IX, law discrimination or harassment can include activity like rape, sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual battery, or sexual coercion. 

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Procedure every school or college must have to avoid Title IX violation

Every college must create and distribute a sexual discrimination policy

Under Title IX, all schools, colleges, and educational setups must have a policy that prohibits discrimination based on sex and sexual harassment or abuse. Not only should the college or school create this policy, but they should also publish and distribute it amongst each member of the institute so that all the members and students know the consequences of practicing gender inequality or sexual abuse on campus. 

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The policy should have all the essential information regarding the inquiry, like who is the appointed person to solve any queries regarding Title IX. 

Every college has to appoint a Title IX coordinator

All the schools with Title IX policy must appoint a person in charge of dealing with any violation or criminal activity under the Title IX law. Depending on the school, the designated person can be named Title IX coordinator. The school has to inform each faculty member and the student about the person’s title with their contact details. 

The appointed person or the Title IX coordinator will deal with all the complaints regarding sexual discrimination or harassment under Title IX law. Moreover, they will look into any procedures, patterns, or systematic flaws that are the reason behind such claims. 

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The school must create procedures for students to file complaints against sexual discrimination and harassment

Under Title IX, all schools should create proper procedures where the students can file any sexual misconduct they suffered. Moreover, the school must allow the student to represent their case, giving them the right to demand an adequate, honest, and impartial investigation of the matter. The institution must fulfill the student’s demand for the investigation and review all the potential proofs like camera recordings, witnesses, etc. 

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