Which Website Builder Is Best For Small Business?


A business site is an advertising type of website. Its goal is to tell about the company, product, service, person and attract customers to conclude deals. Available in personal, landing, portfolio, or company site formats. From a technical point of view, such sites are the easiest to implement: there are usually few pages, little content, the structure is elementary, the SEO settings are basic, the promotion is simple. It is with their creation that most developers begin their journey.

        It is convenient and profitable to create such projects using website builders. Everything in them is arranged so that any person without qualifications could get a result. Almost everyone succeeds. And you can.

If you have the time and desire to study the intricacies on your own or the means to pay for the services of a specialist – great. Otherwise, you can use visual designers. This is not a panacea, there are projects that cannot be implemented without the participation of designers and programmers.

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Which Website Builder is the Best? 

Using web development services for small business is a quick and easy way to grow your brand / online business on the internet. This tool simplifies site management by combining domain registration, hosting and site design on one platform. Website builder – pros and cons: By purchasing hosting for a site separately, you are not tied to the website builder system. However, a website builder can be the perfect solution in many cases. For example, if a simple 5-10 page website is enough for you, or if you are building a personal brand portfolio and an attractive design is your most important concern. Ultimately, choosing a website builder comes down to ease of use and available features. If you are familiar with HTML and JavaScript, you can opt for a more advanced Content Management System (CMS) and completely define and control the look and feel of your site. If you are not versed in the process of creating a design for a website and in development, a web development services for small business with a good drag-and-drop editor will be enough for you.

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Top Website Builders Ranked 2021

·    Wix; 

·    Zyro; 

·    Weebly;

·    Ucraft; 

·    SITE123;

·     Squarespace.


Tilda is an intuitive website builder. Suitable for creating small projects – information and corporate resources, Landing Page and online stores with a dozen or more positions. While there are better solutions for the latter, over the past year Tilda has added many features for this type of site. A full-fledged basket with delivery and payment options, blocks of product cards with built-in pop-ups, in which enlarged photos and extended descriptions are displayed, “hit” labels, a special offer and others for visual highlighting of goods, have appeared. In addition, the site integrates with several payment systems, internet acquirers and CRM. Applications can be tracked in the built-in designer tool, exported to Google Sheets or Telegram.


Site123 is a relatively new website builder. Even so, it quickly earned the title of one of the best small business website builders.

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 What makes Site123 stand out from the crowd? Well, several things at once.

 For starters, web development services for small business has excellent uptime, site loading speed and TTFB stats. All of these things mean that your site visitors won’t see the maintenance page all the time, and they won’t waste minutes waiting for the page to load. What is very important for a successful business!

 Apart from this, Site123 also offers decent SEO tools. Anyone looking to get organic traffic from Google or other search engines should pay attention! Honestly, if you can optimize your site in such a way that the search engines know about your activities, and then the position of your site in the search engine will change significantly. More information can be found on the website.

 Great SEO tools, social media integrations, and more – a site builder worth considering.

I hope my article helped you and now you know how to choose website builders for your own website and business.

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