7 Advantages of Having Health Insurance Today


We all are going through a deadly pandemic today. More and more people are getting affected by this coronavirus. Coronavirus has changed our lives totally. Health insurance of a person is an important thing today. Even before coronavirus people considered having health insurance is a good thing. We all know that no one has seen the future. A person can get affected by a deadly disease at any time. Some people even say that one day their saving and earnings would be gone in future if or his family member gets affected by any disease. Medical bills can cost a lot of money if a person is affected by any serious problem. That is why, today, having health insurance is important. Some people fear that the health insurance claim process can take a long time, but it is not true. A person can get a lot of benefits if he or she has health insurance.

What is health insurance?

 Health insurance is a process in which a person pays an insurance company a monthly tax and in return, the company may provide the owner of the insurance a certain amount of money when that person needs it when he or she is suffering from a serious problem. Health insurance is like other insurances which are based on the risks which a person would face in his or her future. People who do not have this health insurance may have a tough time when he or she suffers a serious medical problem.

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Benefits of having health insurance

Health insurance can provide many benefits to a person. Some of these benefits are given in the following points-

  • One of the most useful benefits of having health insurance is that it covers the hospitalization bills for problems like accidents, illness, ICU room rent, and no cap room rent. The coverage percentage depends on the type of problem and the company’s policies.
  • Some health issues may not need to get admitted to a hospital but still can make a big bill for a person. In a problem like this, health insurance can help that person. Some health insurance policies have a condition of being in the hospital for less than 24 hours. These policies can help a person in paying off his or her bills easily.
  • There are some insurance which can cover more than one person in it. These policies are best for a person who wants to have health insurance for each member of his or her family. These insurances have the feature of refilling the sum if once the sum is used. This refillable feature helps a person in maintaining the policy for his or her family in an easy way.
  • If a person who lives alone or away from his family has a fear that if he or she is admitted to a hospital, then they have to take leave from their job, these things make a person hesitant while spending money on things like snacks, tea, etc. some health insurance policies havea condition where daily cash is allowed by the insurance to the owner of that policy for up to 30 days. This condition of a policy can solve a big problem for a person.
  • Some hospitals or ambulances may charge a lot for transportation costs. Especially when a person lives in a high-end city. This transportation cost may trouble a person who does not have much money in his or her pocket. This problem can also be overcome by health insurance as health insurance will pay for the total money asked as a transportation fee.
  • Many people may wonder that what if the insurance is not claimed in the time given by the company. After all, not getting affected by a serious problem for a certain time is a good thing. Well, a person should not worry about this. Companies provide no claim bonus to the owner of the policy and extend the time of the policy. The no-claim bonus can vary from 10 to 20 percent. This thing can benefit a person. 
  • As discussed earlier, no one has seen the future. No one knows when he or she may get affected by a serious problem. Therefore, a person should go for a full medical checkup once in a while. Many people may get surprised but health insurance companies also provide one medical health checkup once a year. This thing can assure a person a healthy living.
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So, it can be said that people should have health insurance nowadays as no one knows when he or she catches a serious health problem which can create a lot of problems. A person should consider taking health insurance from care insurance as this company provides the best policies with the best plans. A person who does not have health insurance today may lose all of his earnings in treating a medical problem. 

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