What To Do When Birds Are Ruining Your House

At first glance, birds can look pretty and harmless. Imagine waking up in the morning and hear the chirp like you’re in some kind of a Disney movie. However, if a flock has attacked your roof, your garden, and your other properties, you might want to think of ways to get rid of birds quickly.

Why are they hanging out at your house

In Phoenix, Arizona, where it’s commonly warm all throughout the year, they are very common. They are hanging out in your house or in the neighborhood because they can find a source of food and water. This is the reason why they are common if you have a fountain, pond, or any source of water. The worst is they can probably nest on the nooks of your roof as well.

What birds are common in Phoenix, Arizona?

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The most common birds in Arizona are house sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, cliff swallows, grackles, crows, and pigeons. These birds can cause massive damage to your house and business property.

 This can affect your family’s well-being as some birds are even reported to carry diseases. They can destroy properties and nest on your drains as well. It will cost you a lot in the long run. Smaller birds are also known to take with them other pests like ticks, mites, and fleas. Their droppings can also create a strong smell that can also carry diseases.

How do you prevent bird infestation?

To prevent birds from gathering your beautiful house or garden, you might want to make sure that there are no leftover food or scraps are lying around on your patio or your garden. If you constantly leave food scarps, the birds will just keep on coming back. 

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You must be proactive as well. It helps that you constantly do a spot check of the entire property for possible bird nests. You can check on trees around, chimney, roof, vents, and other areas. One alternative is using bird-repellant sprays. You can apply it on the roof, ridgelines, ledges, porch, and other areas where there is observable nesting.

Call pest control services!

If you want to make sure that all birds and bird nests are removed from your house, calling pest control services might be a wise decision. Pest control services in Phoenix, Arizona can schedule an inspection of your home and find out areas where birds are nesting and potential parts of your houses where birds can settle in.

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After the inspection, pest control services can proceed with removing the relocating the bird nests to another area. They will also facilitate thorough cleaning of areas that were vandalized by the birds. They will install mesh on nooks to prevent birds from nesting. They will also install spikes or reflectors to prevent birds from settling on certain areas in your houses.

Final Thoughts

When you observe even the smallest semblance of bird infestation, call pest control services right away. You can take these matters on your own hands, but it will not guarantee a satisfactory result. You have service providers that are trained and licensed to keep your house and family safe from bird infestation. Do not put them at risk, pick up the phone, and schedule an inspection now.

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