3 Reasons Why You Should Try Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Blood flow restriction is a training involving the restriction of blood circulation in the muscle targeted by using blood flow training wraps. The ultimate goal of blood flow restriction training is to foster the growth of the muscles you are targeting. This is done by restricting the blood flow in the veins without affecting the blood flow in the arteries. The logic behind that is you want the blood to enter your muscles and not escape.

When you hear about blood flow restriction, it might sound scary. Trust me, I also used to think that it’s a made-up activity for gym-goers and weightlifters. However, if it’s done properly, it will yield results that you’re definitely going to love.

Interestingly, there have been studies with compelling evidence proving that blood flow restriction training is good for the prevention of muscle weakness and atrophy. Blood flow restriction training has also been observed to support the growth of size and strength in leg muscles when constantly used during walking or running. It is then plausible that the hypertrophic benefits of restriction bands are better when practiced in conjunction with exercises that require resistance and force. For those who are not into scientific terms, hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue.

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How does it work?

Blood flow restriction training actually tricks your body into believing that you’ve actually done more training than what you actually did. The goal of this is to trigger the hypertrophy process. This starts with increasing the nerve impulses that cause muscle contraction. With the increase of protein synthesis, the muscle cells will begin to grow larger and stronger. You can definitely achieve this with the use of blood flow restriction bands and constant exercise.

Let’s go through the 3 reasons why you should use Blood Flow Restriction Bands.

Increased Muscle Strength

One benefit of wearing blood flow restriction bands is that it tricks the attention of your brain. Due to the restricted amount of blood flowing to your arms or legs, the brain will supply more energy and stimulate a growth hormone. This increase in energy supply will translate into an increase in muscle strength and size.

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More than that, people undergoing blood flow restriction training could easily see improvements in their body. This is because protein synthesis in our body is stimulated quickly. This means that we are gaining more from less effort.

The results of various studies have shown that blood flow restriction training is efficient since it achieves the results of high-intensity resistance training with a less amount of time required.


There are two safety benefits when using blood flow restriction training: less muscle damage and a fast recovery period. It has been observed from athletes and weightlifters using blood flow restriction training that there is less muscle damage since less resistance load is used during an activity. It has shown to have a faster recovery period after a workout as well.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an efficient and safe way of increasing your muscle strength, then buying blood flow restriction bands is the way to go!

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