What is Taxation? Explain different types of Taxes

A tax is the mandatory financial charge imposed on an individual or any other legal entity by the governmental organization.

The main purpose of imposing taxes by the organizations is to fund government spending different public expenses.

What is Taxation?

Taxation is a term used for when a taxing authority like the government imposes any financial obligations on the citizens.

Paying multiple taxes to organizations or other officials has been a mainstay of civilization since old times.

The process of imposing taxes on individuals normally happens when a government needs a specific amount of money to be paid by the individuals for the sake of civilization.

Also, taxation occurs only on the physical assets of an individual. These assets can be property or any other transaction such as a sale or purchase of a house or a stock.

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There are multiple types of taxes in the USA including income, corporate, property, inheritance, and sales.

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Further, in this article, we are going to discusssome main types of taxes in the USA.

Main Types of Taxes in the U.S

Some of the important types of taxes in the U.S are:

1. Income Tax

This type of tax is based on the income of an individual and is imposed at the federal and some local levels within the United States.

In the U.S, the income tax system imposes a specific amount of tax based on the income of an individual, trust, or estate.

2. Payroll Tax

This type of tax is imposed by the federals and other states of the government.

The payroll taxes include social security and other medicaretax, which is applied on both employers and the employees.

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3. Property Tax

The government and other authorities normally apply the property tax.

The taxes of schools and other authorities separately govern and pay tax taxes on different circumstances.

This type of tax is generally imposed on the realty and fair market value. Here, a specific amount of tax is determined on the annual basis.

4. Sales and Excise Tax

The sales tax is applied by different states and other localities on a specific price at the retail sale of multiple goods and services.

The rates of sales tax vary widely among different jurisdictions from specific percentages.

Besides, the jurisdictions are based on the specific goods and the seller collects the sales tax at the time of the sale.

Moreover, the sales tax is applied to the sale price of the goods on a specific unit basis. The sale tax may be required to pay by the manufacturer at the wholesale price.

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