Top 4 tech jobs of today and their required skillsets


In the present time and age, the job market is agitated by constant flux and volatility. As we traverse through 2021, it becomes more apparent that widespread automation has significantly changed the landscape of the employment industry.

Team with experts from CYOS Solutions – IT recruitment in Australia can help you lend yourself a tech job that resonates with your aptitude and ensure decent growth over time. To make yourself future-ready you should acquire skills that are paramount for the highest-paying jobs in the IT sector. Here is a list of some top tech jobs and skills you should have to capture these positions.

List of some top tech jobs and skills you should have

Data scientists

Without a shred of doubt, data scientist, is the most promising and highest paying job across various sectors and industries. It has been showing a dramatic upswing of over 25% increase in demand every year. A data scientist is responsible to analyze complex and colossal datasets to unearth the concealed valuable insights. These insights enable organizations to make more informed, calculated, and timely decisions. Data scientist as a domain offers other opportunities such as data architects and data analysts which are also highly paid and in-demand job roles. A data scientist should be proficient with the following.

  • Understanding machine learning (ML) algorithms
  • Developing data models
  • Coding in analytical tools and languages such as python, R, and SAS
  • Identifying business issues and recommend effective solutions
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IoT Solution architect

With automation taking over and everything is working and controlled remotely, the IoT sector is seeing exponential growth in demand. This job role requires you to lead the IoT and IoT solution developments.

You also have to actively participate in the design and building of the architecture of a comprehensive IoT ecosystem under the solution framework. As an IoT solution architect, you should be able to translate the business needs into the requirements of the solution.

While a strong command over IoT solutions is imperative, you should also have great programming skills, an understanding of ML, and an acquaintance with architecture and hardware design.

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Big data engineer

Our life and the entire world is almost running over the Internet. Users are generating over 2 quintillion bytes of data every day. To process such mammoth data and harness its potential, needs special skills and knowledge sets. For that reason, more than 97 percent of businesses and enterprises putting their money in AI and big data.

A big data engineer works around the development and deployment of big data applications. They are responsible to handle the planning, design, and management of these large-scale projects that deal with massive datasets. As a big data architect, you need to focus on the following skills.

  • Understanding data warehouse technologies and others such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and Spark
  • Great programming skills
  • Impeccable skills for data visualization
  • Excellent soft and communication skills
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Software architect

Unlike conventional belief, the job of a software architect expands way beyond coding and software development. They have to optimize the process of software development by defining and constantly refining the standards that dictate the technical aspects such as tools, platforms, and coding.

Following a holistic approach, they have to comprehend the customers’ requirements and develop prototypes. To accomplish such an inclusive job, they need to master both technical and soft skills. The rudimentary skillset for software architects includes the following.

  • Command on data modeling techniques
  • Comprehensive understanding of software architecture
  • Strong programming skills
  • Sharp analytical skills
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