4 Types of Custom Printed Shopping Bags


We only have one Earth, and our survival and well-being depend entirely on it. Our planet can only produce a limited number of resources — from food to water. But both humans and nature will face serious consequences if our current consumption increases. We are promoting sustainable living – inspire people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in.

Reusable shopping bags are a simple way to lessen your impact on the environment. They help you with sustainable living & plastic-free living.  From their effectiveness at getting your brand out there to eco-friendly impact on our planet and various styles, colors to choose from, there has never been a better product to market with custom reusable shopping bags with logos. Some states have passed laws banning disposable bags to protect the environment. Buy the custom printed bags at Claytons Australia of your most preferred choices.

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Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas is a compact, firm, fabric usually made with cotton. The texture of the canvas is sturdy and slightly rough to the touch. Durable, sturdy & heavy-duty, and resistant to wrinkles – these make it great for tote bags. Custom canvas totes are great giveaways for trade show events; Made from durable and sturdy fabric, canvas totes can be used for years without worrying about holes or rips. Cotton canvas tote bags are eco-friendly helping reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment. The Canvas bag is washable, so you can put it into your washing machine with the rest of your laundry, assured that it will clean up beautifully.

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Foldable Reusable Bags

Most foldable reusable totes are made from foldable bags are the perfect companion for a variety of activities like grocery shopping, daily errands, craft projects, etc; It is convenient to take the lightweight, foldable bags with you while shopping, traveling, and more. Sustainably smart foldable reusable bags in fun styles, colors, and patterns are washable and can be used over and over again. They are made with recycled material, they are great sustainable promotional products to show off your brand in an eco-friendly way.

Custom Cooler Bag

Insulated bags like cooler bags provide a much better option for temporary food storage and transportation. With an insulated bag, you can maintain food temperatures much more efficiently. The outside and inside layers of these bags are usually made of oilcloth, a coated cotton, or tightly woven nylon. Insulated bags often have a convenient shape and extra layers of insulation and materials keeping your food from getting smashed or damaged when inside.

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Laminated Totes

The perfect alternative to plastic bags, non-woven shoppers are made from recycled materials that are great for our environment. Compared to traditional shopping bags, non-woven bags are long-lasting. They are water-resistant, attractive, and recyclable; Custom printed non-woven totes are great for giveaways or as promotional products since they’re inexpensive.

The type of bags you use leaves a lasting impression – it reflects on your company – on your brand.

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