Tips to Enjoy Dunking Balls while Winning Money in Basketball

What are some satisfying things in life? A hot beverage, watching a sunset with friends and family, and listening to music. Another thing you can add to this list is watching a basketball sink to the hoop every time you shoot. And the best part is, you don’t need a basketball court for this. There are plenty of free basketball games that you can download and play.

The most common game of all the basketball games is to shoot hoops. Hoops are one of the top categories when it comes to basketball games.

How to win a game of Basketball?

Some various tips and tricks will make you ace basketball games online. Shooting hoops is not as easy as it looks. There are multiple strategies that you can apply to be a champ at this game.

  • Try to throw the ball farther and higher: While aiming for a shot, aim only for the net, avoid any shots that aim at the rim, and go for the hoop instead.
  • It is essential to have a good arc: Along with good aim and enough shooting skills online, a good arc is also necessary. The chances of making a shot are then increased because of the target area it will make. A flat shot on the app game that you’re playing cannot be a perfect shot to go in.
  • Know the place that is more comfortable for you: Even in online games, many players know where is the exact spot in which they can shoot the shot. On the computer, while shooting a ball on hoops, the shooting percentage entirely depends on your decision-making. While accepting a challenge in a game, understand which part of the game arena suits you the best. You should be able to perform and earn more points.
  • Concentration: All your techniques will go to waste if you do not have a good attention span. In this case, while you shoot hoops, you will require selective attention. Selective attention involves being able to pay attention to specific things going on and to ignore others.
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Types of Basketball Games online

Given below are some best basketball games that you can try online for free. Most of these apps are available :

Hot Shots Basketball Game: Score as many baskets as you can before the time runs out

Flash Basketball: Again, in a time-based game, the game is played in 3 modes. This game tests how many shots you can make in 20 shot attempts and how many shots you can make in 30 seconds.

Basketball Rally and Basketbots: Both are hoop shot games; your goal is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out.

Slam Dunk and Slam Dunk Anime Game: In this free basketball game, you’re supposed to sink as many baskets as required to complete levels before time runs out. In Slam Dunk Anime, you need to play a basketball game with two players, shoot hoops, dribble, run, and score points.

Hardcourt: One on One BBasketball: It is a one-on-one basketball where you can play against your friend or the computer.

Bobblehead Basketball: Use your skills to toss the Basketball just right so that it makes it into the hoop over and over.

Paper Basketball and Flash Basketball: A free online basketball game where you throw paper balls you can get in a trash can in a row. In the latter, you have to shoot hoops with a paddle.

Basketball Shoot: One of the best basketball games in Playstores where you have to sink the ball in the basket when moving. To gain more points, shoot at the moving baskets.

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Hoop Smash: Available for free on the Playstore and iOs platforms, Hoop Smash, is a basketball game with smooth graphics and visuals that look great on the phone. The objective is to smash the ball through various hoops to clear the level. To smash through hoops, players must aim for the hoop’s “weak point,” indicated by color.

Dunk Hoop: Dunk Hoop is another free basketball game that is extremely popular all over the App Store and Play Store. In this basketball game, you are the one controlling the hoop, not the ball. The balls fire in from somewhere off the screen, and your goal is to move the hoop so that they successfully shoot into the hoop. You can spin from the prize machine and unlock new hoops, nets, and balls to use in each round.

How to earn money online by Playing Hoops on the MPL app?

In the MPL app, you can play a simple game of Hoops to win the game. It is a game that you can download on both the Android and iOs platforms.

Hoops are played between two players shooting hoops on the same court virtually. The players can see each other shoot the basket and also view their scores after every shot. However, a player can also play the game even if not matched with an opponent instantly and have the opponent finish their game later to compare scores.


The players have to drag the ball to perform a slingshot, set the arc, and release the ball to shoot. Each time the ball sinks into the hoop, the player scores points. The ball’s position keeps changing automatically during the game. The players continue to shoot the ball in the basket till the timer ends, and the player with a higher score wins the game.

The game also features eleven booster cards that make the game more challenging and fun. These cards are auto-applied in the gameplay and exist for a set time. As additional features, watch out for eleven cards that appear anytime during the game to score bonus points.

  • XXL Hoop -Increases the hoop size
  • Magnet – Magnetic force is activated on hoop
  • Wind- The wind makes it difficult to score
  • Ink Blot – Ink Blot splats on the opponent’s screen, making it difficult for them to see and make the shots
  • Short Aim – Decreases the size of aim arc
  • Hoop Shrinker – Reduces the hoop size
  • Moving Screen – A hand appears to block the opponent aim
  • Gravity – Environmental effect
  • Aim Extender – Increases the size of aim arc
  • Earthquake – Screen shakes
  • Brickwall – Wall blocks the hoop
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How does the Scoring work?

Points are awarded each time a player scores a basket. The points are determined based on the zone the shot was taken. For instance, a 1pt, 2pt, or a 3pt zone. The score is multiplied accordingly if a point booster card is in play while a basket is scored.

How to download the game and play it?

To play the hoops online game on MPL, download the MPL app and ensure you have a stable internet connection. Follow the below steps to start playing:

  • You can choose to train with the free online basketball games and play against real opponents, or
  • Select one of the cash contests as per your preference
  • Submit the entry fee
  • When the game starts, drag the ball with your finger, set the arc, and release to shoot.
  • Continue to sling shoot hoops until the timer ends
  • Get a higher score than your opponent to win and earn lots of cash!

In Conclusion:

You can play an online game of Basketball, entertain yourselves and have fun! You Tip to enjoy dunking balls while winning money in Basketball.

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