Step by Step Guide to Online Betting on Cricket in India (2021)

Cricket is a game that is thrilling and engaging. You can now use your skills and knowledge to make money with cricket.

Here, you can find a guide for betting on cricket. So, let’s get started.

1. Research

One of the essential factors of betting on cricket is research. You might be someone who enjoys the game. But, when it comes to placing bets, you have to keep yourself updated.

Reading books, watching the news on cricket, and keeping up with the decisions made by teams can be helpful.

Before you place your first bet, you have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the upcoming match. Based on that, you have to create your betting strategies.

2. Select a Cricket Betting Site in India

It is pertinent to opt for the best cricket betting sites in India. You have to focus on different factors while selecting one. 

Reliability and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of making a selection. Besides that, these are a few points to consider.

  1. Ensure that the website has a license.
  2. Consider the welcome bonuses they offer.
  3. Check on their betting market.
  4. Analyse its interface and ease of usage.
  5. Look into the different transaction options the website has.
  6. Evaluate their odds and profit margin.
  7. Availability of customer support.
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By doing so, it will be easy for you to choose one of the best cricket betting sites in India. 

3. Deposit Money 

Once you have selected a website, you have to create an account. Different websites have diverse options to do so. 

Most of the best cricket betting sites in India are also available as apps on Android and IOS. You can download them for ease of use.

The next crucial step is depositing money. There are different payment options. Some of them include Visa, Mastercard, UPI, NetBanking, GPay, Paytm, etc. Some websites allow you to pay using bitcoins as well. 

You can receive a welcome bonus after the completion of this step. You can use it while betting on cricket. 

4. Choose the Appropriate Betting Market

There are different betting markets available for cricket. Based on the format of the game, it changes as well. 

Test, One Day International (ODI), and T20 are three different formats. Before you place your bet, you have to consider the format of the game. 

Some of the markets that you can choose from are:

  1. Match winner – They are for the entire match. Here, there are three possibilities, and they include win, loss, or draw. 
  2. Top Batsman – It is for the batsman with the highest score in a match.
  3. Top Bowler – It is for the bowler with the highest number of wickets in a match.
  4. Man of the Match – It is for a player showing outstanding performance in a match. There is a “Man of Series” as well.
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Apart from these, there are several other betting options available. You have to place your bet after researching about the team, player, and the ground. 

You have to consider the format of the cricket match as well.

5. Perform Line Shopping

Before you place your bet on cricket, you have to conduct line shopping. You might wonder what it is. Well, line shopping is going through different websites and analysing their odds and margins. 

In most cases, odds will differ with small margins for the same match on different websites. However, sometimes, it might change. 

But you have to analyse their profit margin. Most betting sites place it between 105 to 108%. 

You have to choose a website with the lowest margin. Through this, you can increase your payout. You can also perform this before you select a website as well.

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6. Analyse the Odds

Odds can help you understand the probability of winning a match. There are mainly two kinds of teams. 

One is favourite, which refers to a team that has a higher chance of winning. 

The next one is the underdog, which is the team with a lower chance of winning.

There are mainly three types of odds, and they are American, Fractional, and Decimal. In each one of them, there will be a favourite and an underdog. 

The returns would be high on an underdog. But the probability of winning is less.

The returns would be low on a favourite. It is because the chance of winning is high.

7. Start Betting on Cricket

After considering all these factors, the next step is placing your first bet. You have to employ betting strategies to enhance your chance of winning.

One of the best ways is to bet one to five per cent of your bankroll. Through this, you can ensure that you can avoid risk.

These are the steps that can assist while betting on the best cricket betting sites in India. So, with the right strategy, skill, and understanding, you are ready to make your first bet.

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