Rodent Control: Why Rodent Infestations Must Not be Taken Lightly

Rodents such as mice and rats can find their way into your house even through small holes. Also, they can access points of entry that are high off the ground because they can jump up to three feet. You should see more here about how rodents enter your home and how you may invite them unknowingly.

Rodent Entry Points

Because rodents are agile and small, they can squeeze through tiny openings in your house. As long as their body can fit through a hole, their body can easily follow. Below are the common points of entry for rodents:

  • Foundation, roof, and wall holes. Rodents like to stay and travel in dark and tucked-away places. This is the reason they usually travel within walls. Any holes in the walls, foundation, and roof can offer them access to your attic, basement, and rafters.
  • Drain pipes. Mice and rats can swim significant distances. Thus, they can travel through toilet bowls and drain pipes.
  • screen holes. Rodents can enter your house through holes and tears in your window and door screens. This is due to their ability to scale walls. Also, rats and mice can enter your house through upper-story windows. 
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How You Might be Attracting Rats into Your House

Mice and rats may invade your house even if it is very clean. Their purpose may be to find shelter or water. Rodents can be attracted to indoor plants that give them a food source and suitable nesting ground. Rodents who want to nest may also use a leaky pipe or sink as their source of water. They can even be attracted to an unwashed pet bowl. Once rodents settle down in your house, you will be facing an infestation in no time. 

Why a Rodent Infestation Must be Taken Seriously

Although mice and rats may seem cute, they pose significant risks to your home and family. Rodents can do significant structural and aesthetic damage to your house. Usually, mice and rats carry fleas and ticks, which may harm your pets and family.  Also, they can chew on clothes and attack your pantry as they look for food or nesting material. In addition, mice and rats can chew on electrical wires, resulting in expensive repairs and fires. Rodents carry different diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. You must deal with any possible rodent infestation in advance before it can turn into a more serious one. Also, you should rely on pest control experts who can tackle the extermination for you.

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