Renting a Home in Pune: The Ultimate Guide

Pune resembles a less complete and polluted version of Mumbai. Pune, also known as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, has a long history of strong ties to literature, music, and theatre as a medium of expression. Despite the fact that Marathi is the official language, Hindi and English are extensively used among city people.

Pune is also one of the fastest-growing cities in India, having grown at a breakneck pace since independence. Pune is home to so many prestigious universities and institutes that it has been termed the “Oxford of the East.” Ferguson, symbiosis, or some other term?

There is nothing quite like the sensation of being a Punekar in such a vibrant city brimming with smiles and potential. Nonetheless, we are mindful of your preoccupations. It is not, as some may suppose, misal pav. From getting started to settling in a neighbourhood, here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing a property to rent in Pune.

Before you move into your new 2 bhk flat on rent in pune, there are a few last-minute details to verify.

Inspect the home

Before you begin packing and loading the car, do a thorough assessment of your new house. Conduct an apartment tour with the landlord or owner to see if the property has any problems or niggles that need to be addressed. Yes, the leaking faucet is included.

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The renting agreement

Avoid unpleasant surprises or hidden charges by properly reviewing the lease contract before signing it immediately after finding an apartment. Rent, total rent, repair and damage costs, maintenance fees, and other expenditures should all be adequately assessed. Ascertain that you have correctly examined the contract for any relevant information. You are welcome to contact the property’s owner if you have any queries.

Society’s laws and rules

Every culture has rules and regulations in place to provide a stress-free living environment. In certain cultures, late-night parties are frowned upon, dogs are prohibited, loud music is not permitted, and friends are not allowed to visit constantly. If you have any questions or concerns prior to moving in, contact your landlord or consult the resident’s handbook.

What are some considerations to make while searching for a property to rent in Pune?

Routine commute

In contrast to Mumbai’s BEST buses, Pune only has one local railway line from the Pune station to Lonavala. Nonetheless, the project is underway and is scheduled to be finished by 2022. In comparison, Pune’s expressways and highways are well-linked. Pune’s transportation choices include the PMPML and BRTS bus systems, as well as three-wheeled rickshaws. To avoid traffic and the blazing noon heat, your best bet is to find a location within 5 kilometres of your employment.

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Geographical area and location

Apartments, gated communities, and townships are spread around the city, ranging from tranquil retirement villages to busy metropolises. Compared to its older sister, Mumbai, Pune has a more relaxed feel and is less crowded. Pune was named the world’s most excellent place to live by the Ease of Living Index, making it the world’s most liveable city (2018).

Additionally, Pune is well-known for being one of the safest cities in the nation. It is best to locate near both your place of job and the rest of the city.

Convenience stores and services

It’s a good idea to visit the area around your potential property and check for local landmarks and convenience businesses to get a sense of the neighbourhood. In Pune, you’ll discover a diverse array of malls and retail complexes to satisfy your shopping needs. Malls such as Phoenix Market City, Amanora Town, Seasons, Inorbit, and Pune Central are suitable for people who like retail therapy. MG Road, Laxmi Road, and FC Road are all excellent locations for roadside shopping.

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Never forget to identify yourself with the shopkeeper as Dada (uncle) or Maushi (aunty). This will aid you in developing a close connection with the merchant, allowing you to request assistance or further favours!

A period of enjoyment and relaxation

Pune is a city of contrasts, with something for everyone on every street. Due to its handy location and ease of access, Pune has a lot to offer. Pune’s stunning sights include old monuments such as the Shivneri fort and scenic trips to Lonavala.

Prepare to have your taste buds overwhelmed by traditional Puneri dishes such as Bedekars’ hot Misal Pav and Chitale Bandhu’s Bhakarwadi. Penthouse High Spirits, Mi A Mi, and Area 51 are all delightful, intoxicated establishments that will brighten your day and then some.

The play’s climax

The house-hunting trip is concluded. Allow yourself to unwind, take a rest, and put your feet up. It is critical for individuals who are still seeking to have a positive attitude and to continue searching. The well-known local idiom “Pune tithe kay tune” (‘Is there anything Pune does not have?’). You now possess the data you seek.

These were some valuable titbits about single rooms on rent in pune.

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