PDFBear: Easily Convert Your Documents to PDF Online

Transforming your documents into a PDF format will make viewing and sharing easier and faster. If you have documents that need to be shared with others, PDF format is more formal and professional. PDF formatted documents are needed from business, work, school, magazines, stories, personal data, and even job applications.

Luckily, there are online platforms available for free to manage your PDF files. One of which is PDFBear, where you can convert, merge, split, lock and unlock, etc., your PDF documents. PDFBear is safe, secure, and free, and supports all major Operating Systems, and is available on any type of device. Here, we will show you how to convert your documents and use other PDFBear services.

Converting Word documents to PDF

Word documents converted into PDF are essential to your daily work. Converted Word documents are most likely easier to open and view and can hardly be manipulated by other people when you share them. This will make your work, business, or personal documents much smarter in any way.

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To convert your Word DOC to PDF with the help of PDFBear, by only uploading or selecting the files, PDFBear will scan your Word documents and will convert them in a few seconds. You can either download your files or save them on the cloud after the conversion process.

Converting Excel documents to PDF

You may also convert your Excel documents into a PDF format. Excel formatted files are composed of data and formulas used for computation and analysis and are usually difficult to understand and comprehend so that one converts them into a PDF format. Also, Excel files are prone to error due to viruses.

Converting Excel documents to PDF with PDFBear is easy. Select or upload the file into the system, and PDFBear will do the conversion in only a few seconds. Your PDF file can be downloaded once the conversion process is finished, and you can also save the file to the cloud or send them directly via email.

Other Conversions

PDFBear also has a conversion for Powerpoint, making your presentation formal, professional, and straightforward when you share and send them with others. You may also convert JPG formatted files into PDF to make your images organized and take much less storage space, as well as converting your HTML into PDF by only copying and pasting the link to the conversion box, making the codes from your website more secure whenever you share them.

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On the other hand, you may also convert PDF formatted files into specific types of documents, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PNG, and PDF/A. Making PDFBear the all-in-one, go-to conversion tool that you can count on any time.

Other Tools

There are also other tools available on the PDFBear platform. PDF Tools such as the Merging tool, where you can combine multiple PDF files into one, as well as the Splitting tool where you separate a specific page into another PDF file or split them into two individual PDF documents.

You can also protect your PDF documents with the Lock tool, making your PDF documents safe and secure and can only be accessed with a password. Or with the Unlock tool, by decrypting the password to a specific document, accessing your document much easier and quicker.

PDFBear also lets you add watermarks, making your documents more personal and can be difficult to be copied by other people. You can also add e-signature by only uploading them to the system, thus avoiding unnecessary procedures such as printing and scanning. Then you can also add page numbers easily where you can customize the font size and style.

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There are a lot of tools to utilize on PDFBear’s platform when you open their platform making your PDF documents manageable in one place.

PDFBear PRO Membership

If you are a person who works with a lot of documents in your day-to-day life, PDFBear offers you an unlimited conversion, unlimited utilization of their tools, where you can use them simultaneously and will give you the highest quality possible by subscribing to their PRO membership for a lower price than other online platforms.


Consider using PDFBear every time you work with your PDF documents to make your work much easier, faster, and smarter. PDFBear is free to use and available any time since the platform does not require you to download software, making it much accessible for everyone who intends to utilize their tools. What are you waiting for? Start converting on PDFBear.com now!

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