Convert Your PDF File To Powerpoint With PDF In Seconds


If you are looking for a site to convert any documents to or from PDF, PDFBear is one of the best sites available online. It offers you a lot of tools to better manage your PDF files. You can convert, split, merge, repair, lock, unlock, add watermarks, and e-signature your PDF documents on their website.

Unlike other platforms where you have to download software to configure your PDF files, PDFBear only lets you go on their site and manage your files online, so you can utilize their tools any time and anywhere without any hassle. Whether you open them on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, you can have access. Here, we will see how to convert your PDF documents to Powerpoint.

Converting PDF to PPT For Free

Powerpoint presentations are advantageous, especially when you share a message with many people; they are straightforward, help your audiences, and more collaborative since you can input not just texts but also images and audio. If ever you need to edit out or add something to your presentation, you can always do so by converting your PDF into a PPT.

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To convert your PDF to PPT, by only uploading your file to the server, PDFBear will instantly convert the PDF document to PPT, and then you can download your PPT where you can edit them. You can also reverse the PPT to PDF afterward. This website guarantees that the documents you upload are safe by deleting the files one hour after.

Converting PDF to Other documents

Since you now know how to convert PDF to PPT, you may also want to know that you can also convert PDF to other documents such as Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PDF/A. When your documents are converted to their specific formats, you can easily edit, add, or copy them that a PDF format is limited to.

For example, when you convert PDFs to JPG or PNG, you can open them to devices that only support JPG or PNG formats. You can also edit, cut, or add to the images that you could not do in a PDF format.

Also, when you convert PDF to PDF/A, your document will keep its format even when the latter PDF format will change. So, if you have important documents that you want to preserve for a long-time, converting them to PDF/A is the best way to do it. These are some of the best features PDFBear can offer.

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Converting Files to PDF

While you can convert PDF to their specific formats, you can also convert your documents into PDF format, keeping them safe and secure from being manipulated or copied by other people. Documents that you can convert to PDF are Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and HTML; these are the common documents that you encounter and use daily at work, business, and school.

Other Tools PDFBear Offers

PDFBear also offers other tools for you to utilize, such as the Merging tool where you can combine two or more PDF documents into one PDF file; the Splitting tool where you can separate a page or a PDF document into another PDF file or just divide them into two separate PDFs; the Lock tool where you can protect your PDF documents by encrypting password into them or the Unlock tool to decrypt a password.

PDFBear also has the Repair tool to fix a damaged or corrupted file; the Compression tool to minimize the file size of your documents. You can also add watermarks where you can personalize them and edit the font style, size or add your own image or texts. You can also put your e-signature to your PDF instantly without having unnecessary actions like printing, scanning, and such.

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PDFBear PRO Membership

If you work with PDF documents every time, you may want to consider subscribing to their PRO membership where you can have an unlimited conversion, unlimited use of their tools, have the highest quality of your files, do tasks simultaneously, have storage space for your files, faster upload speed, etc.


Operating Systems such as iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows are supported by PDFBear. One of the best features PDFBear has is that they have an Optical Character Recognition, also known as OCR, that supports seventeen different languages, where you can convert different kinds of images into text.

So whether you use PDFBear for school, work, business, or personal matters, PDFBear is always available to help you out and make your documents organized and professional all the time.

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