Reliable NBN Providers in Australia

Technology being the success indicator of a country’s economy, became prominent and created a massive impact on the users’ lives. It drastically grew over time with the help of both science and technology, which later on helped the society in becoming its beneficiaries. Indeed, it made our lives more comfortable, and technology assured us that economic growth would intertwine to the success of every person across the globe. Also, technology influences society in such a way that we feel unproductive once we disable our Internet connection once in a while.

Furthermore, since we rely on the Internet as the connection between technology and productivity, here is the list of reliable NBN providers in Australia:


Launtel originated in Tasmania but now labelled as the fastest national broadband network provider in Australia which helped them reach a large variety of users across the nation. They created a flexible Internet experience for the people. Once the system is all set in your home or your building, no dead areas will suffice since Launtel assured its customers that they would provide a premium quality service for their users. Thus, because of their easy-access system and hassle-free transactions, customers were beyond satisfied and had positive feedback about the service given by Launtel. Most of the customers stated that the Launtel system is straightforward to understand and suitable for beginners, especially the ones who are not tech-savvy since the customer service of the company is top-notch as well.

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The plans and packages brought by Launtel require no contract and customers can revoke their current plan and change it to another or use a different Internet provider without any additional fees. They have assured that once customers avail their service, delivering fast Internet access to users and establishing a disconnection-free system are the priorities. Users will be able to customise their package anytime they want without worrying about bad customer service or a slow complaint response

Mint Telecom

Mint Telecom, with over 30 years of having well-trained and experienced workers garnered a wide range of users because of the trust they have established through their remarkable performance in the telecommunications industry. With the hard work and perseverance of their employees, all their broadband packages received an award in 2020 for being cost-efficient and a reliable system for a great experience. Their main goal is to show to their customers that with their broadband network service, they can ensure a productive workspace and an undeniably fast-processing technology which can help the customers accomplish their duties and responsibilities.

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They offer various bundles and packages that work best in your working environment, and that would not compromise the connection of one another. Also, for every Internet plan that they have, you can customize and choose the speed that you want for your space at a reasonable price that surely would not hurt your pockets. For every service you avail, you will be able to get a 12 months free access to My241, a rewards program which includes a cruise ride, a staycation in a hotel, golf country club membership and wine night for you and your loved one. Suppose you are interested in subscribing to any of their packages. In that case, the Mint Telecom website is always available, and you can contact them through the hotline indicated on their website as well.

Australia Online

Australia Online is a telecommunications company that started in May of 1994 and is currently operating in Melbourne and Sydney. They made sure that all citizens across the nation can apply and subscribe to their plans without worrying if the Internet accessibility can reach their areas mostly on the provincial lands. Also, customers may contact the company’s help desk 24 hours a day and seven days a week because prioritising their customers’ well-being is their primary goal to achieve success. Thus, they would not be labelled as one of the longest-running telecommunications companies in Australia if the people do not trust their service despite the various competitors around them.

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Their NBN plans captivated the customers since they offer unlimited data service and an Internet connection to anyone who wishes to avail their products. There are no lock-in processes, and the installation and setup of your system are free from any charges, not unless you will buy a router or modem. If you will subscribe to their other packages such as the home phone service, that is the only time where additional fees will take place. Nevertheless, Australia Online will be the one to ensure that you will have a stable Internet connection once you start trusting their capabilities.

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