How to Create Content That Ranks on Google

Nearly 70% of all online experiences begin on a search engine. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can appear as consumers search for your offerings. Then, you can generate more awareness, leads, and sales through your blog content. 

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips to help you create content that will rank on Google.

With these tips, you can set your business up to grow long-term. Read on to learn more.

Gather Audience Research

Google looks for content that aligns with the user’s search intent. If your blog content doesn’t contain the answers consumers are looking for, it won’t rank. Before creating content, it’s essential that you gather audience research.

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Understanding your customers can help you determine what content will appeal to their needs and interests. Then, you can gather keyword research based on their search habits. Keyword research will help inform your content creation strategy.

Gather demographic and psychographic research to learn about your customers. 

Consider the pain points they experience that you can provide a solution to as well. 

Gather Keyword Research

Once you know who your customers are, you can gather keyword research. Use tools like SEMRush, Google Trends, or Answer the Public. Focus on long-tail keywords with a high search volume.

What is search volume? You can learn more here.

Choosing long-tail keywords will give you a better understanding of the user’s search intent. 

Experiment With Formats

Use your keyword research to determine what topics to cover within your content. Start with blog posts before experimenting with other content formats.

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For example, you can try videos, eBooks, polls, quizzes, and infographics.

Optimize your content by placing your focus keyword strategically.

For example, the target keyword should appear in the URL, page title, opening, and closing paragraphs. Include the keyword in the image file name and alt text, too. 

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks will send website visitors on another website to your content. Gaining backlinks can help boost your organic rankings, too.

You can generate high-quality backlinks by guest blogging. Otherwise, consider requesting SEO services. An experienced agency can create your blog content and guest posts. In addition, niche edits can also help to increase traffic to your site by providing a relevant and targeted audience for your content. 

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Share Your Posts

Make sure people are finding your content online. Share your content on social media or in an email newsletter. 

As you generate more traffic to your blog posts, Google will recognize your content is gaining attention. It might decide to boost your organic rankings. In time, your rankings will improve, helping even more people find your content online. 

Stronger With Search: Create Content to Boost Your Rankings Today

Search engine optimization can help your website rank higher on Google search pages. With these tips, you can create content to start boosting your rankings. As your rankings improve, you can generate more leads and sales.

Get started with these content creation and SEO tips today.

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