Middle Eastern Meets Melbourne: Takeaway Edition

Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the hottest new culinary trends taking over Melbourne. With nearly a quarter of all Middle Eastern Australians living in Melbourne, it makes sense that their culinary traditions are becoming popular, but everyone can learn from and enjoy these delicious new dishes no matter their home culture. A perfect balance of tradition, opulence, and flavour, Middle Eastern food makes up some of the best takeaway near me and the best halal food near me, so I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite Middle Eastern takeaway joints around Melbourne for you to enjoy. No matter which you pick, you’re sure to end up with a delicious takeaway experience.

Dukkah Restaurant

Topping the list is my personal favorite, Dukkah. Their takeaway menu is one of the most authentic yet diverse around, catering to vegan, vegetarian, halal, and celiac diets; this is some of the best halal food near me that I’ve ever had. Their pride and joy are their Middle Eastern fusion dishes, arising from decades of traditional recipes the owners and chefs have tweaked to make entirely their own. Their fine wine selections and beer offerings make their bar almost as good as their food (if that’s even possible), so you’ll be sure to walk away with good takeaway (stored in an eco-friendly container, of course) and a good drink on any occasion. Dukkah is the perfect homage to both Middle Eastern and Melbourne heritage, making it a great stop for takeaway near me, and due to its central location to major Melbourne neighborhoods, likely for you too.

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​Maha Restaurant

From the moment you enter Maha, the beauty and opulence of the traditional Middle East overwhelm you. Sweet and sensual aromas, elegant textures, and smooth beats set the tone for the restaurant, demonstrating their refined atmosphere and attention to reinventing Middle Eastern flavours in contemporary settings. Their signature Soufra menu is available for takeaway and delivery during the lockdown and offers a wide variety of fresh takes on traditional dishes that will surely dazzle both the new and experienced taster of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Arabesque Melbourne

Arabesque Melbourne is another great Middle Eastern restaurant that offers a blend of both Authentic Jordanian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Family-owned and operated, Arabesque Melbourne focuses on delivering delicious takeaway and mouthwatering meals that cover every appetite and meal setting. Their menu ranges from the national dish of Jordan to recognizable Middle Eastern classics, and their bar and wine menu complements every selection perfectly. Some locations even offer shisha, a traditional hookah with a wide menu of flavors. For delicious and traditional food that delights with every bite, Arabesque Melbourne is a great choice.

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There are plenty of delicious food options in and around Melbourne, but Middle Eastern cuisine is definitely a trendy and fresh option for those looking to try new and improved dining experiences steeped in culture and tradition. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shawarma, hummus, or pilaf, you’re sure to find the perfect Middle Eastern takeaway near you to delight and satisfy with any of these Middle Eastern restaurants.

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