Los Angeles Truck Accident: Things to Know

Commercial trucks are not only massive in size when compared to passenger vehicles but often also overloaded to capacity. A significant number of catastrophic accidents in Los Angeles involve these trucks and 18-wheelers. Those on the road or in a passenger vehicle suffer tragic injuries, often for no fault. If you were involved in such a mishap with a truck, you should seek legal help. Recovering compensation in such cases is never easy, and with a Los Angeles truck accident attorney, you have a better chance. In this post, we are discussing more about the steps you should take following the crash and other relevant aspects that matter.

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Take the first steps

  • Seek medical care immediately: Even if your injuries don’t seem so severe at the moment, check with a doctor right away. Injuries following a crash may not manifest at the scene, and you need a medical evaluation.
  • Contact the police: The official police report is a critical piece of evidence for your claim. Always call the local law enforcement and ensure you wait at the accident site for an officer.
  • Notify the insurance company: You should promptly notify your insurance company about the truck accident. Limit the information you share, and don’t negotiate the settlement until your lawyer says so.
  • Gather evidence: Use your phone to take pictures of your surroundings, injuries, and damaged vehicles. You should also collect the contact details of all parties involved, including witnesses.
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Truck accident cases are complex

In a crash that involves two cars in LA, the outcome is usually simple – Either one or both drivers are at fault. However, in the case of truck accidents, the truck owner, vehicle manufacturer, or even the cargo company could be parties to a claim. While you should note whether the trucker was drunk or negligent, remember that a proper investigation is necessary.

Find a good truck accident lawyer

Only a handful of injury lawyers in the city handle truck accident claims, as these are usually hard to deal with and often involve giant commercial insurance carriers. Always choose an attorney or law firm that is located in LA and has experience with such lawsuits. You should check ratings and meet the lawyer in person to know if you like their attitude.It can take time before you get compensation after filing a truck accident claim. Ask your lawyer about the timeline and other relevant aspects, including possible outcomes. The sooner you seek legal help, the more time your attorney will have to gather evidence.

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