Important Steps To Be Taken After A Newport Beach Bicycle Accident

Accidents are not only physically painful or emotionally traumatic but also financially backbreaking. A bicycle accident is a common phenomenon that needs to be followed several important steps to ensure the utmost safety. But most people make several mistakes after the accident that might get heavy on them later. Although the accident victim can’t start the investigation for the negligence of the third party for whom severe injuries have been caused, it is important to consult a Newport Beach bicycle accident attorney who will provide one with valuable advice on claiming injury compensation from the insurance company or filing a lawsuit. 

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Although one will get a detailed understanding of all the necessary procedures after consulting with an attorney, it is important to gain prior knowledge about the steps one should take following a bicycle accident.

Things To Do At The Scene Of The Accident:

In case of a severe injury, one might not be able to reflect upon the incident. In such cases, one can direct the bystanders who have gathered at the accident scene to collect as much relevant information as possible about the negligent driver and the vehicle. But if the injury is not so serious, one needs to gather witnesses in the form of a person or video recordings or images that will assist in securing an insurance claim according to the severity of one’s injuries. 

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It would be wise to have less expectation from the police investigation and take up the responsibility of assembling all the essential details of the accident. This will lower casualties and help build a strong injury claim. 

Things To Do Following The Accident:

One should head to a clinic or hospital immediately following a bicycle crash and seek medical attention for the injuries. It is also essential to provide the doctor with every detail of the injury despite feeling dizzy or light-headed. Extensive detail will help the doctor avoid any medical negligence and fasten the recovery process.

It is also essential to report the accident to the insurance company as soon as possible without waiting for the other party to do it. Avoid repairing the bicycle before consulting an experienced bicycle injury attorney, as the attorney might advise it to be used in building strong evidence against the case. 

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Final Thoughts

It should also be remembered that one’s best friend after a bicycle accident is not the police, doctor, or insurance provider but a well-versed personal injury attorney who would offer all the essential advice to receive satisfactory benefits.

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