All You Need To Know About Mice Infestation

Almost every homeowner gets a nightmare when they spot a pest on their property. There are numerous pests that enter homes looking for food, water, and moisture and find ideal spots and grow their colonies. These pests range from rodents to termites to cockroaches, and much more. They damage the property’s exterior and interior and spread innumerable diseases, infections, and allergies. One such annoying pest dreaded by homeowners is the mouse. Mice are rodents that are smaller in size with bigger ears. They are notorious and chew on clothes and other items as well as contaminate food and water and spread fatal diseases. 

More Details about mice infestation are mentioned below: 

  • Signs of mouse infestation: Rodents like mice leave behind many signs to indicate their infestation. Some of the marks left behind by mice are – fecal droppings, urine trails, greasy marks, and spots, chewed plastic or furniture, musky odors, evidence of nesting materials, etc. Nesting evidence like piles of shredded materials, grass clippings, leaves, etc. are easily identifiable and an indicator of mice building their nests and living at home.  
  • Pose health risks: All kinds of mice are dangerous and pose a number of health risks and spread some of the most deadly diseases and infections. The fatal diseases that are spread by mice through their urine, saliva, droppings, etc. are Hantavirus, Salmonella, Listeria, etc. These diseases are mostly caused when such mice contaminate uncovered food and water. Such diseases are deadly and even lead to death. 
  • Multiply fast: Rodents like mice multiply faster. They can reproduce throughout the year with the female mouse producing at least 10 litters per year. The young ones are born in 20 days and are ready to breed in two months leading to even more litter. Such an infestation will be dangerous and will be difficult to exterminate. 
  • Damage homes: These pesky creatures damage homes by chewing on costly decor items like linens, bedsheets, rugs, paper items, etc. The most dangerous part is when mice end up chewing on wires and such naked wires can lead to sparking a fire that can burn the whole house down.
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Mice infestation is extremely difficult to deal with and exterminate as they grow rapidly. To deal with these stubborn pests no over-the-counter methods or DIY techniques will help. It will require a thorough inspection from professionals and the use of professional techniques too. To deal with a mouse infestation, you must hire a professional pest service with trained and certified exterminators who will eliminate these rodents and get your mental peace back. 

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