How to Protect the House From Thieves: Secure Housing

You will learn how to protect the house from an attack by thieves if you follow simple rules that should not be neglected.

Thefts of houses and apartments can be a frequent phenomenon both in large cities and in country villages. In wartime, crimes increase, and thieves have new opportunities to steal something. In such a situation, you should take care of the safety of your home. Automated protection systems can certainly provide the best protection against unforeseen circumstances. However, here is some advice on how to protect your home from thieves and secure your apartment from burglary.

Installation of a Video Surveillance System

A properly fixed camera can help very quickly find out the identity of a criminal trying to break into your home. Therefore, the system can protect you from robbery.

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Experienced robbers do not go “on the job” right away, they carefully study everything. But because of this, they come across surveillance cameras, studying a potential hacking object.

If the camera captures a suspicious person at your door, you can contact the police, provide video materials as evidence, or increase the security of your home with an Onholding Ukraine security service.

GPS Tracker

Another effective method of protection is a GPS tracker. It can be placed anywhere in the house. For example, if you put the device in a safe, the thief will be able to find it faster than he will break the box for storing valuables. It is best to mount the safe in such a way that a thief cannot take it away – both on the wall and on the floor.


Security alarms can be called one of the most reliable and effective methods of home protection.

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If a burglar tries to enter the territory of your home, the alarm will sound, after which Onholding security will arrive at the scene of the incident within 10 minutes.

Make Friends with Your Neighbors

If you live in a private house, do not separate yourself from your neighbors with a high fence. Maintain friendly communication with them. So you will be aware of what is happening in the district, and the neighbors will watch your house.

Get a Dog

You will need a real guard dog to protect your home. It should not be afraid to live in a hut and protect the house and its family from possible robbers. Interestingly, even the barking of a large dog can scare someone who has encroached on your property. Such a person can sharply revise his plans.

Windows and Doors Should Be Closed

Even if you have no concerns, close all locks and latches. Often criminals check houses simply – they knock on the door. If no one answers there, they try to open it. Therefore, doors and windows should be closed.

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Also, the curtains in the house should be closed for the evening. The rules must be followed so that no one shines a flashlight into the windows of your house.

The Bushes Around the House Should Be Cut

Thieves will not be able to use bushes as cover. In addition, if your yard is not well-kept, burglars will probably think that no one has lived here for a long time. And they can risk breaking into the house.

Be Careful

Stay in the house when someone from outside is working in it. It is not recommended to leave the keys “under the rug” in an old-fashioned way. Your children should not share valuable family information with their friends. Especially about where the keys are stored or what code from the security system.

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