How To Build Your Instagram Make-Up Account


Instagram gives all artists a platform to showcase their works. It’s a visualized platform that can increase your brand visibility for any business. Businesses buy Instagram Reels views to boost their brand awareness instantly. You can create a portfolio of your work for free with an Instagram business account and find customers. Instagram is a business tool for any brand and business.

Building your makeup career on Instagram is possible with highly active hashtags. However, with an excessive amount of beauty and makeup content, it slightly gets difficult. It would help if you had a strategy to build your career through Instagram. Be consistent with your work, and you will indeed find results. Below are some tips for developing your makeup account.

Tips for Developing Makeup Account

Optimize Your Profile

Whatever business you are doing or going to do, the first thing is to optimize your profile accordingly. For example, including Makeup for makeup accounts in the username helps customers find you easily. Use geotags to let your local customers find you. Set a good bio with a clear description of your products and services and a profile picture. Try changing your Instagram account to the business version to create more traffic. Make sure to include details for people to contact you for further business.

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Share Your Process In Stories

Engagement in Instagram helps with the growth of your career and business. Constantly interact with your followers through stories. Ask them for suggestions through polls or ask a question option. Share your ongoing projects, client reviews, future projects, and your short process to connect with your audience. These methods increase engagement and credibility for your business. Stories are a 15-second view that is very useful for increasing day-to-day interaction.

Use IGTV, Instagram Reels, And Instagram Live


In IGTV, you can record a tutorial on “how to do light makeup” or any other topic that interests your audience. You can also show your ways and methods to flawless skin. In addition, inviting guests to be present in a video with you, like a fellow beauty influencer, can drive attention. IGTV has endless possibilities to use, so find your unique style to create brand awareness.

Instagram Reels

Recently launched, it is one of the best tools for marketing with a good algorithm. You can make short videos of 10-15 seconds to gain views. Some influencers also try free Instagram Reels views trial for instantly boosting their views on their reels. In addition, you can make Makeup trend-related content with reels to reach the target audience. Furthermore, you can post several other contents like behind-the-scenes or water-proof Makeup.

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Instagram Live

Go live on Instagram to interact with your followers. You can also invite fellow influencers to come to join your live space and discuss topics. This method generates traffic to your account from their followers. You can also go live, clear all the myths about Makeup, and educate your followers. Set a time, ask your followers to join you, and have an interactive session.

Create Contests

With this method, you can ask your followers to recreate your look with a duet reel. Contests also give a perfect space for you to learn about your audience. You can promise the winners of the contest some service or your product. Contests excite your audience, and they create traffic to your website. You can conduct monthly challenges and giveaways to increase account credibility and visibility.


Collaborations help drive traffic to your account and provide you best connection inside the community. For example, you can collaborate with non-make-up influencers and promise them free Makeup. You can also collaborate with fellow makeup artists and style each other differently. In addition, collaboration challenges for festivals can also hike your account activity.

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Open Instagram Business Account

Some things are only possible with a business account on Instagram. A business account on Instagram gives you free insights into account activities. With a business profile, Instagram gives better boosts and helps you reach your target audience. For example, opening your career page for Makeup helps with good interaction and audience.

Use Hashtags

Becoming a makeup artist or a beauty influencer on Instagram has its difficulties. First, you must develop a unique style and keep improving your technique. Some hashtags can help you get discovered by your target audience. So creating a unique style will let you stay out of the noise. Use MUA hashtags that will allow you to get found quickly and attract the target audience.

In Conclusion

Instagram is the best platform to build your portfolio and career as a makeup artist. You have to understand what your audience wants from you. And creatively develop content that you and your audience will like. It will be a struggle initially, but results are shown if you play your cards right. So stop wasting your time and get your account started.

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