Getting Your CPR Certification Has Never been Easier: Here’s Why You Should Take Advantage

We all hope we’ll never be in a situation where someone can’t breathe and is barely hanging onto life, especially if no medical professionals are nearby to render aid. 

However, the unfortunate reality is that emergencies happen every day, and it’s essential to be prepared. You never know when someone might need you to perform first aid, including CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to perform CPR correctly. There are numerous ways to get your CPR certification, including a class in person, a self-paced class, and a test online. Knowledge is power, and learning CPR will help make sure you’re ready to jump into action at the first sign of a crisis.

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Can CPR Save A Life?

CPR keeps blood and oxygen flowing when someone stops breathing and their heart stops. This is crucial to ensure enough oxygen gets to the brain to prevent brain damage. Keep them flowing until medical professionals arrive on the scene with their own life-saving instruments. 

Of course, if someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, you should call emergency services immediately. Until teleportation is invented, there will be some time before they can get there. Performing CPR can double or triple the odds of survival. Remember that time is of the essence, so you need to be able to perform CPR after just a few minutes when someone’s heart stops to keep them alive.

Types of CPR

There are two types of CPR: hands-only, which are just chest compressions, and traditional CPR, which are chest compressions alternated with mouth-to-mouth breaths. Traditional is better because it gives the body more oxygen, but hands-only is also suitable for preventing delays in blood flow. 

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People who haven’t had CPR training or who learned several years ago are better off using the hands-only method. Hands-only is also better for teenagers or adults who are in distress. On the other hand, tradition is better for anyone in cardiac arrest. Learning how to perform CPR and taking a test online to get certified means you’ll have the tools needed to perform traditional CPR whenever you need to. You’ll learn all the steps involved.

An Invaluable Certification Is Just A Test Online Away

Maybe the scenario where you’re out and about and someone collapses from cardiac arrest and needs help seems far-fetched. You’ve probably been to the beach or a swimming pool several times and never seen anyone rescued and then need CPR, so they don’t drown. 

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But most people find themselves responsible for the health and well-being of others at some point in their lives. You want to have every tool available to assist if the worst happens. Being prepared is the best antidote to panic and make a situation worse. 

Obtaining a CPR certification is easier than ever. People learn at different paces, and some may benefit from a self-paced course. When you’re ready, you can take a test online and get the most essential certification you’ll ever have.

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