Why It Is Important to Hire IBA Approved Packers & Movers for Shifting Process?

The excitement and the satisfaction that comes when you sign the papers of your new place, whether it is home or office, is irreplaceable and incomparable. But, this process seems to be so simple that you only have to pack your bags and move but it is not the case, as there are many other jobs as well that you need to do while shifting your place that will make the whole process a bit more difficult and daunting. Even where you have heavy equipment that needs moving as well. Or when they are headed for international grounds. And, to make this whole process simpler and stress-free, you can hire packers and movers company in Bangalore from a genuine and decent moving firm.

With the change in time, the need of relocating the place like home and office has also increased and thus, you can face a rising number of frauds and scams in the moving industry that has enlisted the packers and movers companies. This is the reason, why people are feeling fearful about hiring moving services from the best moving companies. Many times, you must have heard the news about the moving trucks running away with all the valuables and the household items of the movers during the moving process. And, if you are planning to move your place, then all these headlines must have stroked your mind many times and have taken away the faith in hiring the moving companies. Even though the people are aware of the fact that they might face many big problems during the relocation of their belongings from one location to another, but they are not ready to hand over all their household items and belongings to the hands of the moving companies who claim for the safer and secure moving of the office and home from one place to another.

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And, if we talk about the reason for the increased number of frauds and scams, then this is because of the absence of the proper and authorized governing body that claims the security in the logistics and moving industry. Understanding and considering the consequence of hiring the packers and movers industry for the moving process, the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has decided to maintain and keep a check on the validity and the authenticity of the companies that are engaged in the business of moving the places like homes and offices from one company to the other, the IBA has brought out a considerable list of IBA approved packers and movers in the city so that the users need not face any problem during the move.

With the presence of IBA approved packers and movers and the transport service providers in India, you can get rid of all these fears and problems and can go for the safer, secure, hassle-free, and stress-free moving process. All these packers and movers in India that are IBA approved, reliable, trusted, verified, and professional, that will ensure your household items and the vehicles get transported from one place to another and in the best of conditions.

What is IBA?

Indian Banks’ Association or commonly known as IBA, is an authorized and governing body that has been formed and come into play to manage the banking system in India. All the banks that are the members of IBA include all the public sector banks, private sector banks, cooperative banks, Indian financial institutions, regional rural banks, and even foreign bank branches as well in India.

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IBA or the Indian Banks’ Association has issued a considerable list of approved moving and transportation companies that have successfully completed hundreds of successful relocations and has also fulfilled the eligibility criteria so that the movers need not face any kind of problem during the relocation and shifting process of homes and offices from the old location to the new one.

If you are confused about why you should always hire the IBA approved moving companies, then here, some of the benefits or the reasons given below that will help you to call for the right decision:

Registered & verified packers & movers

All the IBA approved packers and movers only give approval to the movers and packers that are registered and licensed that are indulged in the business of moving and relocation for the past many years. These companies assign unique codes to the companies so that there is no confusion during the relocation process.

Insurance services

Most of the packers and movers that are approved by IBA are providing the facility to avail the insurance service to their customers so that they can be sure about the safety and security of the items.

Timely delivery of valuables

If you hire the professional and IBA approved packers and movers, then they will complete the relocation task hassle-freely and in a time-bound manner. These companies have been working in this field for the past many years and hence, they understand the value of time and so, they reach the desired destinations within the estimated time.


It is a myth that if you hire the IBA approved moving companies, then they will charge a high amount that will make the process of relocation very expensive. But, you must know that all the approved packers and movers need not charge heavy prices from the customers. If you find the genuine and reliable moving firms, then they will charge a reasonable and inexpensive price for all the services they provide to the customers for relocating their place.

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Highly trained staff

Packer and mover companies that are IBA approved are skilled and very well equipped only with the trained and dedicated moving experts. If you go with the authentic and IBA approved will take care of everything and all your items professionally. These experts are using the latest and the well-suited techniques and methods that will complete the packing and wrapping work very efficiently and effectively.

For all the busy bees who are not having time to do all the backend research that is needed for hiring genuine and trusted packers and movers, the decision of hiring the IBA approved moving companies is indeed the best one to go with. It is also a matter of big satisfaction for all the movers that if they do not hire the IBA approved ones, they might have to suffer the frauds and scams that will make the relocation process a daunting and hassled job to do. Now, if you are willing to relocate to Hyderabad, then you can check out Thepackersmovers.com as this is one of the most recognized and widely considered online moving firms enlisted with the best, trusted, and reliable Hyderabad Packers and Movers that will assist you in carrying out every chore of moving and shifting and that too without going high on the budget. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly explore the site and hands-on the best moving companies now!!

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