Facts To Know About Online Betting in IPL

Betting in cricket is legal in many countries like UK, USA, Canada and others, except for some legal hindrances in India. People find cricket to be a high-interest betting sport. It has led to the development of both online gambling and offline gambling sites around the world. Although there is a huge development in the cricket matches like that of IPL in India, India still lacks behind in terms of betting and gambling. Also, there are only a few (two or three) offshore casinos available in India. Despite the fact that offline cricket betting is not allowed in India, the government has not set any rules for online betting. This is the reason, there are many legally appointed gambling sites and online IPL Betting App, where you can still have a fair chance to enjoy online betting in the IPL, especially in India or anywhere in the world.

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How Popular is IPL Around the World?

IPL matches attract billions of eyes every year. It is filled with the coffers of the BCCI, the franchises and the official broadcasters. As of 2020, IPL is the fourth most popular and expensive broadcast game in the world. Every year many broadcast channels and media companies worldwide spend money on the broadcast of IPL cricket in their respective countries. The top three sports, which are the world’s main interest points, are National Football League, English Premier League and Major League Baseball. Germany’s Football League is at the fifth spot along with the NBA at the sixth spot.

  • The interesting fact about IPL is that it does not possess any long history and was introduced to the major countries of the world or on the world list in 2008.
  • The next reason for the huge popularity of IPL is that it allows cricketers from different countries of the world. So, the public gets the chance to know about many players and bring interest in gambling.
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Where is IPL Betting Allowed in the World?

IPL betting is more popular in European countries than in the origin country, that is, India. This is because of the fact that various betting applications are allowed or making their business in the UK, an important part of Europe. You can easily find a place in European countries for cricket major events and for betting sites.

Be it T-20, Indian Premier League (IPL), or Super League, the UK has a lot of things to offer its residents. This is the reason online betting sites in any form are on the rise in European countries. Also, cricket is the national game of the UK, making IPL more special for people to enjoy betting and gambling.

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