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Label printing Scales, or Deli/Meat scales, are devices that permit you to weigh a thing ceaselessly from the POS and print a specific value name or price label. These labels are frequently called “price embedded”, on the grounds that the cost of the gauged bundle is installed in the standardized identification.

In Data Support Company we sell you the best of the best! Our commercial Label Printing Scales from CASDigiAdam, and more are all Trade Approved and suitable for use in butchers, fishmongers, delis, farm shops and supermarkets.

If you’re new to the supermarket labeling industry or looking for a change of pace with your scale label wholesaler, now carries blank and stock roll labels available by the roll. From meat and fish counters to bakeries, our direct thermal scale printing labels are sure to meet your needs. Ordering with a couple of clicks and the product will be with you really fast.

Despite size, each organization in the matter of selling items by weight is lawfully required to utilize a lawful for-exchange scale. Not exclusively are these scales costly, the marks they require come in enormous amounts/cases as it were. For free and little to-medium size retailers, it tends to be an overwhelming weight to forthright those expenses. At, we’re offering you a chance to purchase exactly what you need.

Weight scale printers use direct thermal printing technology to produce the content both cashiers and customers depend on. A thermal print-head applies heat to the surface of special, chemically treated labels.

This eliminates the need for ink, toner, or ribbons — fewer parts and pieces that need replacing or maintenance make for a faster process and more efficient operations. Instead, the only thing grocers need to stock are the direct thermal scale labels themselves.

All of our labels are for pressure sensitive applications. They are formulated to meet the specifications provided by each scale manufacturer in terms of size and print registration. The high-quality, paper-based facestock reduces the frequency of jamming as well as wear on the print-head. All that will be found at

From meat scales to industrial scales, our wholesale direct thermal labels are perfect for any application where printing scale labels is a must. To find the labels that work with your electronic scale, visit our scale labels page and use the tabs toward the top to browse by manufacturer.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as pre-printed information at

Their adhesive is designed to stand up to the extreme temperatures of industrial freezers or home refrigerators/freezers, as well as contact with moisture.

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