Kitchen Renovation tips for Updating your Cottage

The hub or “heart” of most homes is the kitchen. Whether it is a special dinner, using the kitchen table for chores and games, or the enigmatic way everyone seems to congregate there during a party, it plays an important part in many family memories. In cottages, the same is true.

Where better to accomplish it than in your cottage’s kitchen? Cottage living is all about escaping the bustling world to connect with yourself and your family.

Just by looking at some of the Muskoka Real Estate for sale, you’ll see how popular the calm cottage life is despite the end of the summer season. You’ll understand why so many individuals choose the calm life over the hectic metropolis.

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Here are some terrific recommendations for kitchen restoration if your cottage’s kitchen feels a little old and needs some love.

Paint Surfaces to Refresh Them

While it may seem like a good idea to replace everything in your home with modern versions, cottage living has a few unique requirements. Cottages are recognised for and desired for their somewhat rustic appearance.

If your kitchen walls and cabinets don’t require immediate repair, think about just repainting them to update their appearance and replace any outdated hardware. This may improve aesthetics significantly and prevents old units from ending up in landfills.

You have two options when it comes to your colour. Bold and daring or neat and traditional.

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When it comes to keeping places tidy, bright, and fresh, neutrals are always advised. They also sell better when used again. But if this cottage is your haven, think about becoming more daring. The ambiance of a space may be greatly influenced by colour, so consider the feel of your cottage while choosing colours.

Paint colours like yellow, brighter greens, and turquoise, for instance, imply a cheery attitude in a space. In contrast, cottages benefit greatly from the use of warmer wood tones to convey a cosier, warmer atmosphere.

Replace and Update the Appliances

For instance, buying new appliances may be a terrific way to keep your cottage appearing fresh and current while also adding functionality and efficiency. Most brand-new appliances have warranties, which provide you temporary further security on your investment.

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Open Floorplans

If your cottage allows renovations, think about opening up your kitchen to the rest of the room before you start cramming it with appliances.

The current trend in kitchen design is open concept. Your kitchen should represent the large and liberated feeling that is the purpose of cottage living. Your area may be made more open by knocking down non-structural barriers or even by replacing unnecessary bulky furniture, such tables and chairs, with thinner alternatives.

Make sure your appliances are positioned correctly to maximise your functionality when choosing where to put them.

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