How to Exchange Cryptocurrency Online?

In case you are looking for the best investment ideas, it’ll be a wise decision to focus on the crypto industry. However, due to the high profitability of cryptocurrencies, there are many scammers out there looking to part you with your hard-earned money. Such services may steal your funds without providing the desired digital coins.

Thus, you should discover a safe crypto exchange before you buy your first cryptocurrency. In addition, such a platform will stand you in good stead in case you have already purchased digital coins and just want to convert them.

Opt for

If you don’t want to spend hours or even days looking for the best crypto exchange, it’ll be a great decision to get familiar with 

It has been providing its services since 2017 and has already managed to get tons of positive reviews on Trustpilot. The platform is popular with crypto enthusiasts and professional investors thanks to a number of attractive advantages.

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Total anonymity

Do you appreciate your privacy and feel reluctant to reveal important data to third parties? This website won’t require you to pass a thorough KYC or AML procedure. You will get access to all its tools and features without the necessity to disclose your name or banking information.

Variety of available cryptocurrencies

The platform offers the possibility to exchange more than 200 different cryptocurrencies. The good news is that this number is still growing. Thus, if you opt for different altcoins, which may bring you a significant income in the future, this platform is your sure way to get them. 

Fast exchange process

Time is money. You will need to wait only 5-30 minutes before you get your cryptocurrency. However, consider that this time also depends on the number of digital coins you want to exchange. Besides, the website will provide you with a special screen, which you can use to monitor your digital transactions.

Awesome affiliate program

This platform offers you a great chance to make money due to its pleasant affiliate bonuses. Each new client receives 0.005 BTC after the registration. In addition, you may get 0.6% per transaction made by your affiliates. In case you want to discover more about this offer, you can visit the website’s Terms and Conditions page.

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Absence of limits

Using most exchange services, you have to split large transactions into several parts. If you don’t want to face any limits, you should certainly visit the mentioned cryptocurrency exchange online — Godex.

Possibility to contact the company reps

If you want to share your feedback with the company you may get in touch with its representatives via Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media. In addition, Godex uses these platforms to publish different news and announcements related to the service or crypto industry.

How to Exchange Digital Coins on

Take into consideration that even beginners can use Godex to exchange cryptocurrencies. Everything you need is just to follow the simple steps described below.

Step 1. Choose a pair for exchange

The service will offer you to select the pair of digital coins you want to exchange. You have to choose the tokens you own and the ones you want to receive after the transaction. For example, these may be BTC and LTC. 

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As soon as you activate the exchange, the rate for cryptocurrencies gets fixed. You will then need to enter the address of an e-wallet you use to have the converted digital coins sent to it.

Step 2. Confirm the transaction

The system will ask you to send the pre-set number of digital coins to the specially generated address. Also, it’ll show you a confirmation window, where you need to check out the provided information again. If the info is accurate, confirm the exchange. 

Step 3. Enjoy the results

The platform will warn you that the exchange process may take up to 30 minutes. Also, it’ll send you a notification when the transaction is completed.


As you can see, anyone can use a cryptocurrency exchange to get the desired digital coins. It’s better to opt only for reliable services such as If you want to make the right choice and protect your funds, you should always pay attention to the website’s reputation. Check out its software and the reviews written by other crypto investors. With such an approach, you will never get scammed by unreliable exchange platforms.

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