6 Areas of the Body to Use Your Donjoy Iceman for Pain Relief

The use of cold applications and compression make it easy to provide pain relief for several areas of the body. This type of relief lessens the need for prescription painkillers and speeds up the healing process.

That’s because cold therapy slows down the blood flow so swelling, bruising, and inflammation are not as prominent. Because swelling increases the level of pain, applying a cold-and-compression wrap displaces the build-up of fluids to provide pain relief.

As a result, using an ice machine for cold applications constricts the blood vessels and numbs the injury site so the focus is placed on healing rather than pain and discomfort. The equipment comes with a wrap that provides both cold and compression treatments – a dual therapy system that dispenses the ultimate in healing and care.

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How a Donjoy Iceman Can Reduce Injury Recovery Times

You can use a Donjoy Iceman to take care of post-op pain or to treat injuries that affect the shoulder, foot, ankle, calf, quadriceps, or knee. Let’s look at how cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is used in these areas.

Treating a Shoulder Injury

Apply cold-and-compression therapy to shoulder injuries for 72 hours – 10 minutes per session, 5 times per day, or until the swelling lessens.

Cold therapy also reduces the associated neck pain of a shoulder injury. Using an ice machine often is advised for injuries such as swimmer’s shoulder, where the tendon rubs the shoulder blade, or when a patient’s rotator cuff is torn or inflamed.

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Applying a Cold Wrap to a Foot Injury

You can reduce swelling in the front of the foot or instep through the use of cold therapy. Foot injuries that lead to swelling and pain typically result from tendinitis or fractures. 

Treating an Ankle Sprain

Following the principle of RICE, or rest, ice, compression, and elevation, relieves the pain of an ankle sprain. By using an ice machine, you can combine cold with compression at a more controlled pace.

Soothing the Pain of a Calf Strain

Applying cold therapy can also relieve the pain and swelling of a pulled calf muscle. Also called a calf muscle strain, this injury results from overstretching or from overuse.

Treating Quadricep Pain

A quadricep injury may develop from lifting weights or working out on an exercise machine. Again, the principle of RICE should be applied. Use an ice machine for about 15 minutes every 3 hours throughout the day. It takes about 1 to 3 weeks for a minor to moderate quad injury to heal.

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Treating Knee Injuries and Post-Surgery Knee Pain

People place a lot of stress on their knees, so an ice machine can come in quite handy for treating injuries of this type. Most knee injuries involve soft tissue tears, sprains, dislocations, or fractures. Using cold therapy is also highly beneficial after a patient undergoes knee replacement surgery.

Speed Up Recovery Time without Replying on Painkillers

For relief from general  pain and swelling, the use of an ice machine  will speed up recovery. When used as a doctor prescribes, the machine makes it possible to recover faster without a heavy reliance on painkilling drugs.

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