Birthday Celebration Ideas while Social Distancing

Of the many occasions, birthdays are extra special. Not only do they mark the passing of another fabulous year and growing older and wiser, but they also bring along opportunities to gather with friends and family and have a gala time. This year is different! Amid the new normal of social distancing, gathering people is a big No.

While all your extravagant birthday plans for someone special may have gone in vain, there is no reason for you to crib and skip the celebrations. It is because there is still a lot that you can do-at-home. Here are some of the birthday celebration ideas that you can follow while taking care of the social distancing norms.

  1. Send Cake At Their Doorstep: First things first! It’s the birthday of your special someone, meaning a cake is required to make the birthday person relish sweet love. As we are observing social distancing and quarantine, order cake online from bakery providing contactless delivery. You can order cake online in Pune and send it to the doorstep of the recipient with a special birthday wish printed on a message card along with the cake.
  • Host Zoom Birthday Party: You cannot party outside, but you can within the comfort of your home. Host a zoom birthday party for the birthday person. Invite all the friends and family members, then invite the birthday person, and the very moment, he or she logs in, start singing the “Happy Birthday Song.” It would be a happy hour for all of you.
  • A Netflix Party: Netflix and Chill have made the quarantine bearable and fun. It’s time to take a step further and do Netflix and Chill with your loved ones. You can have a Netflix party with your friend, beloved one, etc. You and the birthday person have to download the Netflix party extension in chrome, and then you both will be able to watch the same time. There is also a feature of synchronized video playback (everyone’s screen pause and resumes at the same time). There’s a chat box where you can have discussions about the film.
  • Drive By Their House: We are no longer in the lockdown period, meaning you can drive to someone’s place. So, deck your cars with balloons and a bottle of champagne. When you reach the home of the birthday person, call him or her out, sing happy birthday, pop the champagne, and release the balloons in the air. If you wish; you can give him or her a birthday gift as well following all the precautions. What’s a birthday without a gift? Right!
  • Make a Birthday Montage: The only way to strengthen your relationships and to make more beautiful memories with a person is to create personalized birthday montage. Ask the friends and family members of the birthday person to record wishes, and create a montage of the wishes and photographs. For this purpose, you can avail the digital service from a reputed gifting portal. It would surely serve as a keepsake gift for the recipient.
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So, this year, celebrate birthdays of your closed ones virtually and digitally, but with the same love and exuberance.

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