5 Common Poster Design Errors to Avoid for Your Business

Though digital marketing is a hot topic these days, print media is anything but dead. Research shows that people trust printed ads the most, and many find printed content easier to read than digital content.

One type of print media that is still just as relevant as ever is using posters for marketing. Printed posters can make a huge impact and attract positive attention by passersby, but only if the designs are high quality and professional.

If you’re using posters to promote your business, avoid these five common poster design errors.

1. Not Having a Clear Message

One of the worst mistakes you can make when creating posters is lacking a clearly-defined message.

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People seeing your poster should know exactly what it’s saying and why it’s saying it. They should quickly understand the product, event, or cause you’re promoting.

Not only that, but people should be able to quickly understand what you want them to do after seeing your poster. It’s important to have a call to action, such as encouraging people to contact your business or visit your shop to buy your latest product.

2. Adding Too Much Clutter

When it comes to poster design, simple is often best. Using multiple types of fonts, crowding the space with busy images, and combining too many colors can tire the eyes, forcing people to look away.

Use a minimalist template for your poster design for the best results.

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3. Making Text Too Small

Text on posters helps people understand the core message, providing the most useful information at a glance. That’s why it’s essential to use large, easy-to-read text to make sure it doesn’t get missed.

As much as possible, eliminate tiny text from your poster. If you do need to add fine print, keep it to a minimum.

4. Using Blurry Pictures

Pictures can make your poster design more attractive and eye-catching, but don’t make the mistake of using blurry or unclear pictures.

Only use high-quality poster images, including high-resolution photos and graphics. And remember, pictures on your screen may look okay until they’re blown up and printed out. Check that any images you use don’t appear blurry in the final design.

5. Not Printing a Test Copy

Assuming your poster will be displayed in physical locations, it must look professional on paper.

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If you’re creating digital posters to be printed later, be sure to print a test copy before your design is finalized. This will help you see how your design looks in real life, off the bright screen. Notice how the colors change or if some objects appear less sharp compared to their digital display.

Then, make any needed adjustments to ensure your final poster is perfect and ready to be posted around town.

Watch Out for These Common Poster Design Errors

If you’re using printed posters to promote your business, don’t settle for anything less than a stellar design. Watch out for these five common poster design errors when creating your marketing materials.

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