3 Tips for Hosting a Fashion Show Fundraiser for Ongoing Donations

No matter what charity has attracted your passion, you can always find ways to raise donations that will keep coming in. Hosting a fashion show is a marvelous way to bring in donations because the attendees will be purchasing items which they would normally buy but a portion of the proceeds would go to the charity of your choice. 

However, it doesn’t need to be a one-time event with a finite amount of money being raised. Why not host a fashion show that can be viewed all season long until you host the next season’s event, and the next and the next and the next? Here’s how that goes.

1. Learn the Basics of Hosting a Fashion Show

There are plenty of sites online that will walk you through the steps of contracting a designer or manufacturer, finding a venue and models. That is the actual first step to consider. You might want to do a quick search on “how to host a fundraiser fashion show” and follow the suggestions they offer. That is really the easy part. That is the way to get donations in immediately. But how can you keep them coming in? That’s the tricky part, but not as complicated as you might think with the availability of today’s technology and connectivity.

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2. Video Record the Event

Whether you choose to hire a professional videographer or use someone from your organization with a good quality camcorder, the point is to get good shots of the models and the apparel they are showing. If you have any local celebrities or prominent people attending, try to get a quick interview with them. That will inspire people who are on the fence about buying when they view the video presentation you will be preparing. From this point you will want a computer with a powerful graphics card like the selections of Lenovo Intel Arc PCs. A powerful graphics card is essential for editing the video which you will obviously want to do.

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3. Take Your Show Online

Once you have the finalized the video it’s time to take it global – literally! You might want to start with YouTube which you can always link to from almost any blog. Next, consider other social sites like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. Some sites you might need to edit it down to a shorter version, but this is where you can capture the interest of people for months to come. It’s all about linking back to your charity’s website where they can purchase the fashions that struck their fancy. In fact, you might even get donations from people who are willing to buy just to support your charity even if they aren’t in the market for new fashions!

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It’s really not as complicated as it might seem, but the key is to take your charity fashion show online where you can reach an unlimited audience. You might need to learn a bit about how to post videos and then backlink to them from random sites, but if you want to keep support for your charity ongoing, it’s the best way to make that happen. Are you ready for next season’s fashions yet?

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