Why Should You Care About Your Company’s Data Security?

Enterprise data security is currently the focus of many entrepreneurs. After all, information is a very valuable asset to a business’s pretensions. Leaving it exposed is a risk of great damage.

Today, using technologies to facilitate business routines is a consensus among entrepreneurs and management specialists. It is no wonder, with the help of digital technology, for example, that many processes have become more agile.

However, in the midst of so many changes in the corporate organizational structure, a dilemma arises: what is the best way to ensure data security in companies?

Yes, customer information, financial transactions and others are part of the business assets. Protecting them is one of the guidelines you need to be concerned about. Keep reading and understand more!

How important is data security in companies?

Today it is common to release employees’ payroll with a simple click. HR passes on information, and the finance department sends the command to the bank to carry out the transfers.

In this process there are passwords and confidential registration data that cannot be leaked to third parties. The idea is to avoid fraud and even the deviation of possible amounts that will be credited. This is one of the reasons why it is important to invest in data security in your company. 

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In addition to it, we can also cite other reasons why it is important to have data security:

  • To preserve customer information;
  • Enable the use of technological resources, without major concerns;
  • Carry out online processes without being attacked by hackers;
  • Prevent company information from being leaked, either by the action of these hackers or malicious employees.
  • All of this is guided by the triad of information security : integrity, confidentiality and availability.

What are the main types of cyber threats?

In addition, you also need to know what types of threats you should be concerned about. Virtual attackers use fraudulent mechanisms to access networks of companies to take over digital assets.

The most well-known cyber threats are:

  • Applications that exploit smartphones – today many companies use the cell phone to facilitate work. In this way, this gadget has become, more and more, a target. Fake app links are sent that invade the device system to steal precious data.
  • The action of phishing – more common to be sent by email, phishing is an action that manages to infiltrate into programs used in companies, and obtain all passwords, for example.
  • Malicious Software – Software created to steal business data is often shared via email or even on social media. They can even steal users’ identities. 
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5 actions to maintain data security in your company

Here’s a list of measures that will help you keep your company’s digital processes safe.

Scan Documents

Having copies of documents circulating within the company is important, however, there is no need to accumulate a pile of papers. Just scan and save to digital folders.

However, it is necessary to create a procedure for these materials to be delivered to a sector responsible for their safety, preventing these virtual replicas from leaving the company.

It is worth reinforcing the confidentiality criterion for scans.

Store data in the cloud

In the case of documents, spreadsheets, software, etc. that are used by more than one professional, the orientation is to use cloud storage applications.

The Cloud Computing service, as it is also known, is increasingly secure. It’s a great way to not overload your computer’s memories and not have to pay pen-drive or CD-R costs. 

Perform backups frequently

Companies that already use management systems should have regular procedures for performing backups.

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This will allow, among other things, that if information disappears from the system after a hacker attack, it can be recovered without further inconvenience.

limit access

Even in digital processes, creating a hierarchy is essential. You define what each professional can access, and limit areas and actions within a management software , for example.

In practice, it is possible to create a login profile for the assistant, supervisor, analyst, etc. Each with permission to access and perform certain activities. In this way, you will be able to identify anything from a simple error to a data sharing violation.

Have a strong password policy

Protecting information in your business starts with a password-making policy. All employees need to be trained to protect their logins.

Also remember to create complex passwords, with upper and lower case, as well as numbers and other characters as well. Count on a company or your internal IT department to assist you in this process. 

So, see that to ensure the security of the company’s data, it is enough to invest in basic but effective control processes. So, always invest in the care of your digital heritage. This is essential to its existence and reputation as a company. 

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