Why Is the SAFe® Agilist Course the Leading Certification Course

One of the first major introductory courses into the principles and constructs revolving around SAFe®, the SAFe®  Agilist certification is awarded to the candidates once they successfully pass through the examination. The candidates can fully prepare themselves for the exam with the help of the Leading SAFe®  course, which lasts for a span of 2 days. As the name already suggests, the Leading SAFe®  course has been specifically designed for the people who have the interest as well as the potential to lead an enterprise with the help of the Lean and Agile frameworks. 

However, in order to become familiar with the frameworks and how they work, the candidates must be familiar with the concepts at a strategic level. So gear yourselves up, since, in this article, we will share with you all the little details that you need to know about the Leading SAFe®  course!

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What Is the Leading SAFe®  Agilist Course About –

1. The Leading SAFe®  Agilist certification course gives a detailed insight into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe® ), along with all the principles that lie under it. These principles are derived from numerous sources such as Lean, Agile development, systems thinking, product development flow,  Lean Portfolio Management, design thinking, and DevOps to name a few.

2. The course gives the leader of the Lean and Agile framework an understanding that is required to participate in a PI planning event, successfully support the process, and thoroughly understand how one or multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs) works.

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3. Once the candidate successfully completes the course and gets the certificate, they will be able to apply the principles of the Product Development Flow, Lean, and Agile frameworks in order to improve the quality of the product, increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and reduce the time that is required to build the product. 

4. The SAFe®  Agilist knows how to introduce and apply the SAFe®  framework into an organization and utilize it in order to achieve goals. They also come to understand how an interaction between the various Agile teams, Agile programs, and Agile Portfolio Management works. 

Why Must You Consider Taking the SAFe®  Agilist Certification Course –

1. When you successfully get the SAFe®  Agilist Certification, you will gather all the insights that are required to current portfolio into an agile product development portfolio. 

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2. You will also learn how to change the management system of an agile portfolio into an efficient enterprise or organization that is capable of delivering a constant flow of value to all their customer base as well as stakeholders with the least sustainable time it takes to deliver the product to the market. 

3. A SAFe®  Agilist validates their knowledge of the system by applying the principles of the Scaled Agile Framework, product development flow, and lean thinking in the context of an enterprise so that it becomes easy for them to lead the process of adoption of the 

Scaled Agile Framework. 

Final Word

In today’s world, you need to keep yourself updated with the in-demand skills and the SAFe®  Agilist certification is the best suited for you!

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