Why Does the CBD Cartridges Leaking Oil Happen and How to Avoid it

“You have an oil leak.” These five words can ruin the day of any car owner. Although less costly to fix, a leaking CBD cartridge can also frustrate and irritate. The CBD market is highly competitive, and the pressure to keep up increases daily. This, unfortunately, has led to lesser prioritization of quality and efficiency as many products are launched daily. In the morphing industry, new and old brands look for ways to stand out and stay in the game. 

The quality and efficiency of products influence a big part of the success stories; CBD vape pens, for instance, are fairly new, and what is unfamiliar is often met with reluctance. Brands want a good reputation, so they are constantly improving on products and following customer reviews as a footprint to better their experiences. For instance, people want vape pens that don’t leak, so those reported to sell less. Any business looking to launch a similar product avoids the obvious pitfalls based on the mistakes of those that came before.  

A leak ruins the consumer experience; it is unpleasant, and what’s most unfortunate is that most of them leak. It is almost impossible to avoid a bane in the cannabis space. 

Why CBD Cartridges Leak

The best way to avoid it is to understand what it is and how it happens; some of the reasons are;

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Damage in the Cartridge Tank

Physical damage, even small cracks, to the outer tank is one of the most common causes. This damage often happens after you have bought the cartridge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is your fault. Accidents happen, and a vape pen can easily drop from your hand and causing damage. In some cases, the shipping method can cause damage; how it is handled after dispatch matters, and how you receive and handle it determines how well it serves you. 

A quick scroll through your search for CBD cartridges near me reveals that the diversity of products means different pricing. Still, in all instances, they aren’t cheap. Therefore, rather than get one ever so often because it won’t last, buyers, opt for something more durable. For leakages, the type of hardware helps prevent easy breakage. 

Improper Capping

Is your cartridge properly capped? It’s important to check it often; improper capping may result in leaks. However, this mostly happens when using a press cartridge. You ensure safety by firmly capping it to create a proper seal. It is crucial to note that applying too much force can damage it, so try to be gentle.

An overfilled CBD cartridge

Whether using your hand or a filling machine, ensure to put the right amount of oil into the cartridge. Additionally, keenly follow the filling instructions. The most common method of filling is placing a blunt needle filled with CBD extract between the outer tank and the center post, then dispensing the oil. When doing this, ensure the oil ends up inside the center post; else, it might cause air blockage and leakage.

Before adding it to the vape cartridge, it is best to heat your oil if it is too thick to fit into the dispensing needle.

An oversaturated Wick

Some cartridges utilize cotton wicks, which frequently leak from the tip. This mainly happens in the first few uses of the vape. Overfilling is a common reason for wick oversaturation. Another reason is the overuse to the point that it is worn out. To avoid failing wicks, use ceramic cartridges.

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Oil is too dense

Texture matters when using a CBD vape Cartridge. The thinner the oil, the higher its chances of leaking. Additionally, some cannot handle thick oil, which may cause air blockages, resulting in leakages. Ensuring that CBD oil extracts are just the right texture will save you a lot of money you would otherwise use to replace the leaking cartridge.

How to Preserve CBD Cartridges for a Long Time

Once shipped, you need to take care of your vape cartridge; proper handling ensures longevity. Here are some tips on how to extend the lifespan of your CBD cartridge;

  • Store in a cool environment. Warm temperatures change oil consistency, increasing the possibility of the oil seeping past the coil and into the bottom hole, thus causing leakage.
  • Keep the cartridge upright when not in use; this prevents leakage through the openings. However, some come in awkward shapes and sizes. In this case, keep the box and use it as storage. 
  • Firmly secure silicone-covered vape cartridges, top, and bottom, whenever they are not in use.

Effects of CBD Cartridges

Over the years, CBD has evolved as a wellness product as it is incorporated into various industries. Consumers get the same benefits despite how they interact with the oil extract. However, there is an insistence on caution regarding CBD cartridges with the known negative effects of vaping. 

Positive CBD Cartridge Effects

Relieve mental stress

The modern world is fast and comes with daily stressors that may cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, or other conditions associated with mental stress. CBD cartridges have a calming effect on the mind.

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For people with insomnia, vaping high doses of CBD can increase drowsiness, which in turn, helps with sleep. You could also opt for microdoses, which increase alertness and the ability to focus on what matters instead of dwelling on more stressful things. 

Assist with pain management

CBD oil has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory components that help, especially with chronic neuropathic conditions. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory components of CBD enhance metabolism.

Protect Cells

CBD is an antioxidant and can help the body protect cells from the adverse effects of oxidative products. This role allows for the rejuvenation of cells, preventing diseases like cancers. 

Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

One common side effect of chemotherapy is nausea, mainly caused by the release of serotonin into the body. CBD blocks serotonin receptors, in turn reducing nausea after chemotherapy.

Beneficial for those who want to Quit smoking

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. Most people struggle to stop using, and the process can be daunting, depending on your approach. Vaping is an alternative that addicted smokers can explore; it is a more reliable alternative to tobacco smoking; the CBD effect is fast-achieved without the risk of addiction.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Vape Cartridges

Vaping can have dangerous side effects on your health which include;

  • Irritability
  • Reduced appetite or urination
  • Rashes
  • Breathing issues
  • Lethargy
  • Liver problems


Everyone reacts differently to CBD, and your experience with the cartridges may vary. Hence, before you start using, ensure it is agreeable with your body; a doctor can help you navigate this. This process will allow you to explore and research what is best for you. Still, whether using CBD vape cartridges for medical purposes or fun, you enjoy various health and wellness benefits.

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