White Widow feminized seeds

White Widow feminized seeds develop into appealing crops that yield resin-filled buds. The strain is packed with THC, and it delivers hard-hitting effects. 

After the first two tokes, you’ll feel slightly hazy as the smoke clouds any negativity in your brain. Shortly after this, you’re engulfed in peaceful euphoria. White Widow feminized a.k.a Arnhem’s Wonder, has layered scents of pine, musk, and earthy tones that make it a tempting toke, and once you taste it, you’re taken on a flavor-filled journey of delight.  The strain is quite popular, and it’s claimed its fair share of prizes. The most notable is the 1995 Cannabis Cup, where it took the top spot in the bio category. 

Below we discuss the flavors, effects, and the best ways to germinate your feminized White Widow seeds. We also provide you with interesting growing tips to make cultivation a bit easier. 

White Widow feminized seeds description 

White Widow feminized marijuana seeds are pretty new in cannabis circles, but they’re extremely popular. It hit the growing scene in 1994 and was an instant crowd-pleaser.  They grow into medium-height crops that thrive both indoors and outdoors. This strain is a hybrid and leans more towards its indica genetics. Some phenotypes of White Widow feminized pot seeds are sativa-dominant, but this description focuses on the former. 

Green House seeds developed the cultivar in Amsterdam and crosses a landrace strain with a powerful indica. This strain induces a mood-boosting cerebral high that leaves you feeling happy and energized before complete couch-lock sets in. When you buy White Widow feminized seeds, you’re in for an enjoyable yet challenging cultivation endeavor that will reward you with a bountiful yield. 

White Widow feminized effects 

White Widow feminized cannabis seeds are beginner-friendly and a great introduction to the 420 scene. When you smoke these buds, you can expect a cerebral rush that hits almost instantly. After a toke, your mood is elevated, and you ooze positivity. Tension and stress melt away from your mind, and your muscles begin to relax.  Although it starts off by making you feel invigorated, you end up couch-locked in an hour or two. These effects make White Widow feminized best suited to evening use.

Some tokers experience a mild injection of creative inspiration that motivates them to take on a task they’ve been procrastinating. Typical effects include an increase in enthusiasm and a heightened appetite. You’ll feel talkative, sociable and might want to enjoy a toke of White Widow feminized before an evening gathering with a few friends. After an hour, the body melt starts setting in, leaving you couch-locked. The strain also has medicinal benefits thanks to its THC content that ranges from 18–25%. Medical users find that it helps with pain-related conditions like migraines and arthritis. 

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It’s also useful for mental and behavioral conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Patients suffering from chronic conditions can benefit from this strain too. 

Many medicinal tokers purchase feminized White Widow seeds and cultivate them at home to save costs.

White Widow feminized flavors

White Widow feminized cannabis seeds grow aromatic buds that exude strong flavors before they’re even harvested. The scents are a fusion of pine, earth, and herbs. When you take a toke, you’ll taste sweet pine on the inhale with subtle hints of spice and herbs. On the exhale, pine is still dominant, but you’ll detect earth and flowers. 

The complementary blend of flavors lingers on your tongue several minutes after your last puff of White Widow feminized.

How to germinate White Widow feminized seeds 

Once you’ve bought the best feminized White Widow seeds, you’ll want to give them the ultimate shot at germinating. There are many methods available, and below we supply information on a few simple ones that are easy to set up.

Each technique that we mention has different requirements, and some require you to make a purchase. Some ways you can germinate your White Widow feminized seeds include:

  • Water germination
  • Starter kits
  • Cotton wool technique
  • Paper towels 
  • Clear bag method
  • Direct planting

The expected germination time varies depending on the technique used. 

Water germination

Water germination is the simplest, cheapest way to try and get your seeds to sprout roots. The main benefit of this method is that if they don’t germinate, you can still attempt another technique. 


  • A glass of lukewarm water
  • White Widow seeds (feminized)


Place your feminized White Widow seeds into the glass of lukewarm water for up to 32 hours. You’ll usually be able to notice roots popping out near the 24-hour mark, but the time is variable. 

If the seeds don’t germinate this way, try one of the other options. 

Starter Kits 

If you buy White Widow feminized seeds and want to use a straightforward setup for germination, starter kits are your best bet.  You can purchase them in packs and use a starter plug for each seed. 


  • A pack of starter plugs 
  • White Widow seeds (feminized)
  • Plant tray 


Insert your cannabis seeds into the starter plugs and place them in the available slots on the tray. Add the requested amount of water. 

There are different requirements regarding moisture for the various starter kit brands available, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully. 

Cotton wool technique 

The cotton wool technique is used to start many crops, not just cannabis. It’s a firm favorite among growers because it provides the seeds with the ideal environment to sprout


  • Two damp cotton pads
  • Tweezers 
  • A container with a loose lid
  • White Widow seeds (feminized)
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Place one damp cotton pad at the bottom of the container. Use your tweezer to space the seeds one inch apart. Cover it with the second cotton pad and make sure that the setup is quite moist but not soaking wet. Close it with the lid. Check on it every 24 hours and ensure that it doesn’t dry out. Your White Widow feminized seeds will germinate within 1–12 days. Take caution in removing your sprouts as the roots can tangle in the cotton fibers. 

Paper towels

The paper towel method is the most common among marijuana growers. It allows them to see the success rate of their seeds before transplanting. Many growers use this technique first and transfer the ones that were successful to the starter plugs.


  • White Widow seeds (feminized)
  • Two dinner plates
  • Two damp paper towels
  • Tweezers 


Place one of the damp paper towels on a dinner plate. Use the tweezers to space your seeds accordingly; an inch apart is usually ideal. Close the seeds with the other damp towel and cover the setup with the second dinner plate. Place your makeshift germination medium in a warm, dry place. Check on your White Widow feminized seeds daily, and add moisture if needed. The expected germination time ranges from 1–7 days.

Clear bag method

The clear bag is quite similar to the paper towel one. The main difference is that a clear bag is used to provide conditions that emulate a greenhouse.


  • White Widow seeds (feminized)
  • Two damp paper towels
  • A clear plastic bag
  • Tweezers 


Use your tweezers to place your marijuana seeds on one of the paper towels. Cover it with the second paper towel and gently slide it into the clear plastic bag. Many growers find that using a ziplock bag yields great results

If you choose to germinate this way, you can expect to see roots within a week. 

Direct planting

Some growers prefer to plant straight into the soil to avoid shocking the weed. If you choose this option, it’s best to keep the seeds indoors for a few weeks so you can control the environment. 


  • Potting soil 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Containers 
  • Water 
  • White Widow feminized seeds


Ensure that when you purchase your items, you select containers that drain well. Mix your potting soil and fertilizer, and fill each of the containers with the mixture. Use the water to moisture the medium and make a shallow hole in the center of each one with your finger.

Place your cannabis seed in the hole you created. Make sure that the pointed edge face down. Cover the hole with soil, and keep it in a warm area for up to two weeks.

White Widow feminized seeds grow information 

White Widow feminized seeds grow into female crops. Indoor crops grow approximately 2ft tall, while outdoor varieties reach up to 6ft. The plants get bushy with plump, bright green buds that feature bright orange pistil hairs. The nugs have a thick coating of trichomes, and the strain is quite hardy. It has a natural resistance against most marijuana threats like mold, mildew, and pests. You should still keep an eye out for diseases, especially in outdoor crops. The bushy foliage requires regular pruning to improve light exposure to the lower parts of the plant. Regular maintenance also enhances airflow. White Widow feminized seeds need plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures that range between 65–80℉. 

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The relative humidity should be set around 60% and reduced weekly by 5% so that it’s around 30–40% when the plant flowers. You can cultivate feminized White Widow seeds in soil or hydroponics. The strain is compatible with a Screen of Green (SCrOG) or Sea of Green (SOG) setup, and the expected yield for indoor crops is approximately 28 oz./m2. The general flower time for White Widow feminized is 8–10 weeks. 

Outdoor yields are quite bountiful and produce approximately 32 oz./plant. 

White Widow feminized seeds genetics 

White Widow feminized is a cross between Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica. Both are landrace strains, and the blend gives White Widow feminized a unique flavor and terpene profile.

The hybrid leans more towards indica with its couch-locking effects, but the sativa genetics are evident in the initial energy boost and cerebral rush it induces. The plant’s structure is also typical of indica varieties.

Where to buy White Widow feminized seeds 

When you purchase cannabis seeds, you should use a reliable seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co. If you’re looking to find White Widow feminized marijuana seeds for sale, visit the website now.

The seed store offers quality seeds with high germination rates. There are often special offers on certain strains where you can get freebies with your purchase. 

Popular deals include: 

  • Buy 4 seeds and get 4 seeds free
  • Buy 8 seeds and get 8 seeds free.

The site isn’t limited to just seed sales. They also provide helpful insights on cultivation and great tips for growers. You’ll also have access to specific White Widow feminized information to make your growing journey straightforward.

Wrapping up White Widow feminized 

White Widow feminized is popular in 420 circles. It tastes of earth, pine, herbs, and spices. The aromas are alluring, and when you take your first puff, the hit is almost instant. The effects are initially invigorating, injecting you with uplifting creativity while relaxing your body and mind. These sensations last about an hour before you get the munchies and a serious case of couch-lock.

White Widow Feminized seeds are beginner-friendly, and cultivation is an enjoyable task, provided that you prune your crops frequently. It’s a hardy strain and doesn’t require much maintenance. You can opt to cultivate White Widow feminized indoors or outdoors and reap generous harvests. Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. and start your White Widow feminized crop today.

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