What to Do on a Cruise -3 Activities to Keep You Entertained

You’ve finally found time to take some days off and you’re ready to recharge your batteries and enjoy your vacation. You’re probably wondering how to spend your time and use your vacation days to the fullest, because let’s face it—sitting at home and staring at your laptop is not really the best way to relax. Instead of going on a typical vacation, why not do something a bit different this year? Booking a cruise might just be the type of vacation you’re looking for. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s a completely different experience to what we’re used to.

Whenever we get some time off, we usually spend the time at home doing nothing or packing and preparing for a trip to the seaside. Going to a cruise is not really common practice, so we suggest you definitely give it a try. If it’s your first time and you’re not really sure what a cruise has to offer, stay tuned as we list 3 must-try activities.

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Rock climbing to get the adrenalin pumping

If you are an adventurist, then this one’s for you. Many cruise ships have numerous activities of this type available, ranging from rock climbing to rope climbing. When you were little, you probably spent most of your time playing outside with kids from the block, so now is the perfect time to bring that childhood spirit back to life.

Many ships are equipped with rock-climbing walls and they vary in size and challenge. If you’re a sporty type and think you’re fit for a more challenging adventure, then feel free to try and climb the highest wall. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you might feel more comfortable with something less advanced.

The important thing to have in mind is that your safety is guaranteed and you’ll be guided through the entire process by trained professionals. The staff is always present and will be able to assist you if necessary, so don’t worry about hurting yourself. These professionals are trained in first-aid and are there to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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Explore the cruise casino

If you’re feeling especially lucky while on your cruise, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the ship’s casino and experience the cruise nightlife. It’s a great way to strut your nice outfit and put on a suit. Usually, the casinos are very luxurious and they’ll probably have a dress code involved so make sure to check it out before you go.

If you’re a novice player  and you’ve never visited a land-based casino before, we recommend that you stick to beginner-friendly games that don’t require any strategy on your part. For instance, slots and roulette are always a good choice as they are luck-based. However, don’t expect to win a lot of money instantly. Before you start playing, you need to understand how slots work and how much money you can actually expect.

Plus, most casinos offer an exquisite dining experience, so do ask the chef what is their specialty and enjoy a delicious dish. In addition, take advantage of the tasty cocktails, but do be moderate if you plan on striking a win.

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Enjoy a Broadway show

While at sea, you can still enjoy some famous musicals such as Grease or Mamma mia! These types of shows are very popular on cruise ships, so if you plan on visiting a show, make sure to book your place on time. Seeing a Broadway show is a great way to unwind and take your mind off of things for a while and to have a laugh or to just sit and enjoy some of the most iconic songs ever.

If you’re interested in Broadway shows, ask around to check whether your cruiseline has these available and if so, check which shows are scheduled for the evening. They are very affordable and there are always snacks included.

The bottom line

As you can see, you definitely won’t feel bored while on a cruise. The options are limitless and we hope that some of the above will strike a note with you. Whichever activity you opt for, you’ll be certain to have fun and get some quality entertainment.

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