What is the #JeetegaSparkHi Campaign? How is it Calculated?

With a student first approach, Sunstone, a leading higher education service provider believes in the potential each student has. To bring out the potential of these students, Sunstone has partnered with the Lucknow Super Giants as associate sponsors for the fifteenth edition of the T20 cricket league.

With this collaboration, Sunstone has launched the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign, which aims to provide scholarships to worthy students for the duration of the tournament. Sunstone believes that each student has a spark, and through this campaign, they will provide financial assistance to those who are deserving of the scholarship.

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About the Campaign

The scholarship will act as a financial aid for students looking to pursue their course of interest, making them corporate ready with industry-ready skills and expertise. This unique opportunity will provide an overall scholarship amount of ₹4 Cr, and eligible students can stand a chance to get a scholarship of as much as ₹30,000 per student. The scholarship campaign will be available from i.e. from 28th March to 29th May 2022.

The most attractive feature of this scholarship is that the amount will be determined based on the results produced by Lucknow Super Giants. The amount will be allocated and determined accordingly for every run, boundary, six, catch, wicket and half-century. The table below shows the amount for each category.

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LSG MoveAmount per move
Sixes by LSG in a matchINR 6,000
Fours by LSG in a matchINR 4,000
Wickets taken by LSG in a matchINR 1,00,000
Half-centuries per matchINR 5,00,000
Catches in a matchINR 1,00,000
Runs per MatchINR 1,000

Calculating the Scholarship Amount

For every feat, there is a certain amount allocated, and the entire amount is added up to determine the scholarship after every LSG match. Below is the table to show a sample calculation based on the historical average data.

Per MatchPer MoveTotal Scholarship Money Per MatchTotal Scholarship For the Tournament
Average Spark Sixes by LSG in a match10600060000840000
Average Spark Fours by LSG in a match12400048000672000
Average Spark Wickets taken by LSG in a match71000007000009800000
Average Spark half-centuries per match2500000100000014000000
Average Spark Catches in a match51000005000007000000
Average Runs per Match15010001500002100000
Scholarship Per Student2000020000
Scholarship Per Match122.91720.6

Who all can apply?

UG or PG aspirants interested in pursuing an MBA/PGDM/MCA/ BCA/BBA/B.Com/B.tech for the year 2022 can apply for the scholarship. To do so, students will have to visit the Sunstone website and register and then inform the counsellor that they wish to apply for the scholarship.

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But that is not the end of it. After further shortlisting, those who get selected after the Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test (S.E.A.T) will be considered eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is only available for a limited time period, and those eligible will receive grants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Furthermore, the validity of applying for the scholarship is restricted to the next match of the Lucknow Super Giants.

There are more than 2000 scholarships to be given out, and candidates can apply for the scholarship more than once to increase their odds. The scholarship with the higher amount will be considered if the student is shortlisted. 

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