Top Surrogacy Agency World Center of Baby: All Info Needed

The World Center of Baby best agency is strongly sure that everyone deserves to be a parent. Since the start of providing our services, we have helped many people in the LGBT and hetero community around the world become parents through our egg donation and gestational surrogacy services. World Center of Baby clinic provides the best surrogacy in Ukraine at an affordable price. You can read all the reviews on the forum.

Our staff follows all applicable LGBT parenting regulations, so you can rest confident that our qualified specialists will support you on your journey to parenthood and assist you in finding the perfect egg donor and surrogate mother for your family at a pleasant cost.

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Due to the law in some states that only recognize paternity between married heterosexual couples, we will be showing you surrogates in states that have “surrogacy-friendly” rules that will protect you as a single parent or gay couple.

Best Surrogacy Ukraine: Surrogate Maternity Is a Method of Artificial Fertilization

Intended parents (or parent) provide their biological material (egg and/or sperm) and take on the responsibilities of mom and dad or a gay couple after the baby’s birth. A surrogate mother must bear the baby and give up parental rights. When a child is born, genetic parents formalize legal rights to him. 

Best surrogacy Ukraine planning is provided by our medical firm, and it is carried out using cutting-edge technology under the supervision of skilled reproductive doctors. The medical facility has established a welcoming environment for IVF, diagnostics, and pregnancy monitoring. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can vary, but the clinic provides the services at an affordable price.

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A woman (in pairs or alone) who has abnormalities in her developing reproductive organs or a severe somatic disease that prevents her from bearing a child naturally can use the program or if the pregnancy poses a hazard to a woman’s health and life in either case. A surrogate mother must have excellent mental and physical health, be no older than 35 years old, have children of her own (one or more), and have no contraindications for pregnancy.

Stages of the Surrogate Motherhood Program

  • Choosing a surrogate mother (at the request of clients, you can determine from the clinic’s database);
  • Synchronization of monthly cycles of surrogate and biological mothers;
  • Hormonal stimulation of ovulation in a birth mother.;
  • Follicle puncture, egg and sperm collection from the birth father (or donor);
  • Fertilization and growing of embryos in an incubator;
  • Placement of embryos in the uterus of a surrogate mother.
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The medical center specialists will help you navigate the medical and legal issues of the gestational surrogacy Ukraine program. Fertility specialists will carry out the program in a competent manner.

Advantages of Our Programs

  • High efficiency;

Accurate diagnosis and thorough preparation increase the effectiveness of IVF. A long-awaited pregnancy is possible.

  • All-inclusive packages;

The comprehensive package includes complete medication, follicle puncture, fertilization and cultivation, embryo transfer, early pregnancy management up to 11-12 weeks.

  • Innovative equipment and technologies;

Expert-class optical equipment will provide high-quality work and control at all stages of work with cells and embryos.

Good luck in becoming the best parents with the World Center of Baby!

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