Top 7 IAS Coaching Centers in Thane

The Prayas India

The Prayas India in Thane is one of India’s most well-known centers for IAS exam preparation. The Prayas’ platform, which is focused on innovation and technology, makes studying for exams easier. All of the students of the institution have received the best coaching from Prayas India which helps the students to get good grades in the exam.

Location 202, 2nd Floor, COSMOS AVENUE BUILDING Above Kumar Casual, near Shiv Sagar Hotel, Thane West
Contact number 7710013217
Mail[email protected]

Prithvi Academy

Prithvi Academy is one of the best preparation centers in Thane, Mumbai for those who plan to sit for the IAS test and any offices that the Institute has assigned to them. One of the Prithvi Academy’s greatest contributions to education and advantages is undoubtedly the way in which it has made learning easier by providing the best coaching to its students.

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Location 205, Second Floor, Cosmos Avenue Near Hotel Shivsagar, above Kumar Casuals, Thane
Contact number 7977372536

Focus Classes IAS Coaching

The Focus Classes IAS Coaching has become a leader in its field and continues to win the respect and love of numerous aspirants as a consequence of the exceptional outcomes and picks. The faculty at Focus Classes IAS Coaching India use a highly engaging and distinctive teaching technique that makes the subject matter crystal clear to the students. 

Location A/201, Palkar House, Lohar Ali Rd, near Hotel Pushpak, Thane West
Contact number 08655898816

Lokayan Academy

Lokayan Academy in Thane is without a doubt, a top IAS coaching center for civil service preparation. The professors of the institution are really knowledgeable, and courses start on schedule every time. The doubt sessions help the students comprehend the subject matter without any confusion. 

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Location Lokayan 304-B, 3rd floor, Bal Ganesh Tower, Opp railway Platform, no 1, Dada Patil Marg, Thane
Contact number 09004804366

Spectrum Academy

Spectrum Academy is one of the greatest UPSC coaching centers in India. They offer the best programmes, top-notch instructors, and affordable tuition options, making it simple for students to choose their programmes and receive the best guidance. All of the professors are excellent individuals who are experts in their fields. 

Location 2nd Floor, Thakur Niwas Above Tip Top Sweets, Gokhale Rd, near Railway Station, Ambedkar Chowk, Thane West

Sambodhi Career Academy

Sambodhi Career Academy is one of the top coaching facilities in Thane. Sambodhi Career Academy has the best facilities and experienced lecturers. They’ll push you to get the best grade possible in the exams. They will show you the road that is least difficult. You won’t look back on joining the Institute with regret. 

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Location Office No. 04, Raviprakash Housing Society Besides In a line of Ganesh Xerox, near to Mangala High School Kopri Bus Stand, Thane
Contact number 9833913652

IBOP Academy

IBOP Academy is the top coaching center in India for UPSC preparation due to its all-encompassing and holistic approach to education. The faculty of the institution is highly qualified and committed, and they use modern teaching strategies to help students in comprehending difficult subjects.In general, IBOP Academy is the best option for candidates who desire to succeed in the UPSC exams.

Location A-201, Rajdarshan CHS Building, Opp Thane Platform no 1, Above Kotak Mahindra ATM, Thane station West, Naupada, Thane West
Contact number 8433704367

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