Top 5 Colleges in Meghalaya

Shillong College

Shillong College

The college placed a high emphasis on giving students extracurricular opportunities and encouraged students to take part in extracurricular events and competitions organized by campus committees, such as sports, dancing, debate, singing, and nss. The college’s job and internship opportunities are the only areas that need improvement. In addition, this university will provide you with the ideal college experience.

Academic affiliationsNorth Eastern Hill University
LocationShillong, Meghalaya 

St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong

St. Anthony's Higher Secondary School, Shillong

The college offers excellent labs and infrastructure. Excellent opportunities are available for NCC, sports, and extracurricular activities at the campus. In order to give their students the greatest education possible, the staff and teachers are really committed to their work and give it their all. With many businesses and banks doing campus recruitment, the commerce and science courses have exceptionally successful placement rates.

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FounderSalvatorian Fathers
Affiliation Salesians of Don Bosco Educational Society

Saint Mary’s College, Shillong

Saint Mary's College, Shillong

The college’s campus is truly quite interesting. The professors are really helpful and nice. The college provides excellent resources like a library and study materials. The professors are always willing to lend a helping hand and are very upbeat, friendly, and considerate. They are constantly experimenting with the finest methods to teach us. The university campus is also big enough to feel comfortable walking around. The college, in short, is among the best in Meghalaya.

FounderCongregation of Our Lady of the Missions
TypeIndependent, girls secondary college
LocationShillong, Meghalaya 

St. Edmund’s College, Shillong

St. Edmund's College, Shillong

The college’s infrastructure is ideal for flawless study. Every classroom has projectors and displays installed, making the entire college a place for savvy learning. There are football grounds, basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, and other amenities on the college campus. The college hosts a variety of festivals, student populations, and extracurricular activities. Every student has a full week of fun during college week, which includes a variety of programme days and ends each day with a DJ jam session.

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FounderIrish Christian Brothers
TypeIndependent, co-educational secondary college
LocationShillong, Meghalaya 

Synod College

Synod College

The Synod College provides some of the most popular courses in sociology, accounting, education, history, English literature, political science, and Khasi literature and culture. The campus is in a good educational environment. The professors are quite knowledgeable and helpful. Semester exams might be challenging. Games, sports, and the canteen are all excellent. On campus, boys’ and girls’ hostels are located separately. Each bedroom has a bathroom right next to it. The library has been digitalized and includes all of the LMS’s capabilities.

Academic affiliationsNorth Eastern Hill University
LocationShillong, Meghalaya 

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