Top 5 Colleges in Jharkhand

St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi

St. Xavier's College, Ranchi

Unquestionably, St. Xavier’s College is the best college in Ranchi. One issue for some people may be the college’s requirement of 75% attendance. The regulations at the college are fairly rigorous. When it comes to the studies, teachers will conduct all of the lectures and give you accurate notes on the material. The college hosts inter-class football, basketball, hockey, and volleyball games among the annual sporting events.

Affiliation Ranchi University
Motto Lucens et Ardens

Cambridge Institute of Technology

Cambridge Institute of Technology

There are numerous amenities at this college, including Wi-Fi, labs, spacious, comfortable classrooms, and a first-rate library. This university has excellent facilities. There is a hostel available. The college has a field where you may play football, cricket, etc. Professors are excellent and helpful; they are well qualified and can clear out any confusion.

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AffiliationRanchi University
Accreditation AICTE
LocationTatisilwai, Jharkhand 

Jamshedpur Women’s College

Jamshedpur Women's College

Jamshedpur Women’s College is one of the most esteemed institutions for women. The college is a part of Kolhan University in Chaibasa and has received approval and recognition from the Jharkhand government as well. The University Grants Commission in New Delhi has legally approved the recognition of this college. Among the many fields of Arts, Science, and Business, Jamshedpur Women’s College offers both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Former namesKolhan University
TypeUndergraduate and Postgraduate college
LocationJamshedpur, Jharkhand 

Gossner College

Gossner College

Gossner College is one of Ranchi’s top universities, renowned for its strong facilities, qualified faculty, and excellent academic standards. This college offers a number of degree-level intermediate courses at extremely reasonable cost. Gossner College hosts numerous events, including a youth festival, dancing contests, singing contests, etc. In addition to this freshmen party and other events, the BBA department also celebrates a lot of other occasions.

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Affiliation Ranchi University
TypeUndergraduate and Postgraduate college
LocationClub Road, Niral Enem Horo Marg, Kanka, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Nirmala College, Ranchi

Nirmala College, Ranchi

Nirmala College, Ranchi is a very disciplined college in Ranchi. Academics are prioritized higher in the college. The college does not actively support student politics. The professors and other staff members are giving the college their all to the best of their abilities. A number of departments also run internship programmes. Students who are socially and economically weak also receive stipends and fee concessions.

Affiliation Ranchi University 
TypeUndergraduate college
LocationRanchi, Jharkhand 

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